My latest indulgence, A USB power supply-Not so great though

So the dealer shows me this Astin Trew USB Power supply that just came in from the UK. Of course I bit. I feel if anything it made a very small difference.

It is like a PP20 for your USB.

It is more or less a Mil-Spec hub. It just supplies power(+5V) to the entire USB subsystem. Instead of it coming from the PC and hubs. I think it may have made the sound a little cleaner. I would probably not recommend it for a grand.

I think the SOTM 500 and PSU+Intona Industrial 5KV is a tried and true solution. For me at least, It made my USB sound much better. This, not so much. No loss. I have a 30 day audition on this.

It’s a crowded market - especially if you look at eBay…

I did not know but I have no doubt that it is. what do i search for?