P20 Review November 2018 Stereophile

There’s a review of the P20 that I saw in the latest Stereophile that I received today! Very positive!

I don’t pay any attention to any reviews any more.

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Why not? There is often a good deal in them you could complain about. :slight_smile:


Which is exactly why I don’t pay attention to them any more.

Any one has the link to the reviews…

It’s possibly not on the website yet, the issue just hit subscribers a few days ago.

I found it interesting that they said it made the most sense to use the P20 with a 20 amp circuit. Hadn’t thought about that before.

I thought the review was very well written and explained our electrical infrastructure very well with regard to how it effects amplifier operation and dynamic range. I own a P20 and love how it helps my system. I even have my Sbooster connected to it, supporting my Roon Nucleus+. I have been using the Roon Nucleus+ w/ DSP (equalizer) to see the SQ. After 10 hrs listening, the Sbooster is not even a little warm and the sound with Roon Nucleus+ is just amazing, fast, and huge meta-data collection. Since I put my system together with all the components, it just sounds amazing; however, never really thought about just plugging the PSA BHK250 into the wall instead of the P20. Anyway, very good review. I tried getting a link to the review on their website and searching and saw nothing. I guess in a few weeks it will appear.

I don’t think he said, “to die for.”
F/u on the Sprout in that issue as well.

Anyone know how the psa power kits work in the uk? I know a lot of stuff designed in the US doesn’t port well to the uk due to how the Neutral line is grounded differently etc.

We have literally thousands in the UK and they are loved. They work great!

How are neutrals grounded in the UK? Not using a bonding jumper at the service or utility transformer?

Not too sure, it was 30+ years ago I did my electrical principals. I think ours are grounded at the power station, so in home it sits at about 0.5 x live voltage I.e. 120v compared to local earth.

Thanks. That just sounds like a 120/240 service except you don’t use the 120 for branch circuits and we do. I assume you also have some kind of equipment ground (separate conductor or metallic raceway) to provide a low-impedance fault path to open over-current protection devices.

I believe the third ground pin all go to 1 central ground pole in each building, I dont think that goes anywhere else.

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