My new/used Quad ESL 2905s


First, there’s lots more info on my system here…

Decades ago I had a pair of ESL 57s (as they’re now known), then two pairs stacked, then a pair of Audiostatics, then years later a pair of Quad '989s… I loved the sounds of those, but my hearing was deteriorating, and part of that was excess sensitivity to some treble energy. The '989s began sounding too bright, so I sold them… I’ve been thru maybe dozens of speakers since, but starting the summer of '17 and continuing thru this winter I’ve been seriously upgrading my system… A month or so ago, I began thinking about Quads again, and to make a long story short, I found, bought, and collected a pair of '2905s… Here they are standing in my musicroom.

I had already ordered a pair of BHK 300s so I was well set there; they arrived last week. The quads took little time placing; my wide movie screen requires wider-than-normal speaker placemeent, and I followed the advice of reviewers by pointing them at the listener’s head. After carefully measuring and setting their distances, they sound excellent.

The Quads are the most transparent speakers I’ve ever heard, and that got a little better when the BHK300s were installed. The Quads focus the soundstage so well that I removed my very good centerchannel system.

Because of my uneven, unlevel concrete floor in the front five feet of my musicroom, I bought a pair of spike bars for the rear and matching new spikes for the front from Sound-O-City…

All that improved the systems’ stability and ridgidity substantially.

I’m using Clear Day’s Double-Shotgun-Plus speakercable; that uses six 24g. solid-silver conductors per pole (= 16-1/4g.). (

The PSA M700s will be moving along (not that there’s anything wrong with them; I simply received the BHK300s.); the black amps in the center are inexpensive Emotiva A-700s that drive the eight (sooon to be 10) surround and ceiling speakers.

I’m thrilled with the entire system. … :grinning::grin::grinning:


The last audio show I went to I went to see Rob Flain at the Quad stand, listened to the 2912s for a couple of hours and went home happy. Would love some 2905s, you are a lucky chap, but they need lots of space behind and not my wife. Quad were using their modest Artera stereo amp, about $2,000, and it did a fine job. I think the Nordost cables cost more.