OMG! I found a pair of Quad '2905s for sale in Phoenix, and they're affordable!

I’ve been a Quad lover since I had a pair of '989s more than a decade ago, and I’ve been thinking about, and searching for, the latest iteration of the tall Quad, the '2912. But I found the next-earlier version, the '2905. Will be visiting them soon, I hope.


Pics are NOT the pair I’ll be looking at.




I like mine. Hope you are successful in acquiring them and enjoy your new acquisition.


Oh well…missed them by half a day.

But after realizing that buying a pair now in northern CA will cost only a couple kilobuck$, net of selling the Mahlers, I’m now, creditcard in hand, awaiting a freight-charge quote.

BOUGHT, tonite, the pair in northern CA. A friend and I might drive up this week to retrieve them. In any event, I’ll have them soon. 101_gif

Congrats! Let us know how you like them when you get them installed.

Good news. Handle carefully and hopefully they have the original shipping cartons as they support the speaker when moving.

Congratulations… I don’t know a dang thing about them but they look and review pretty awesome… Looks like moving them will take some patience- like Maggie’s I suppose… have fun and post pics …

Here they are…

I’m REALLY looking forward to having these in my system.

Those look great!. One owner, all boxes, decent price and what appears to be a good dealer. Looks like they need some room! You are going to have a great couple days when you pick them up…

Wow just noticed- 360lbs… Dang

Each speaker weighs ~42kg (or 93lbs) when set-up. 180lb each sounds a bit heavy for shipping. I’m sure my boxes (including shipping pallet) don’t weigh 90lbs each.

Have fun getting them anyhow.


They’re here. LONG trip! Left the cartons and packing there. They’ll be running this aft.

4_gif music-078_gif smiley-music005_gif inlove_gif respect-047_gif

More pics.




So how do they sound?

“So how do they sound?”

I know I gush too much…but…simply sublime. After just a couple hours of ‘warm-up’, they sounded very good. Somewhere after 2 hours, I remeasured and adjusted the distance* (MANY times, actually) to get the two within 1/4", measured at the base. After that, I enjoyed maybe a couple hours of the most-transparent, ‘musical’ reproduced music that I’ve heard in years. This was produced thru those suprisingly excellent-sounding Butler TDB 5150 poweramps and the arguably mid-fi Marantz AV7704 pre/pro**, which means the system will sound even better after the BHK 300s and a new Marantz AV8805 pre/pro arrive and become broken-in. Based on how good my one M700 sounds driving the CC speaker, I’m considering a pair for the '05s.

I’m REALLY happy!

  • Years ago, I bought a new laser-based Bosch-brand ‘Distance Measurer’ model DLR130. It has saved me many hours over the years setting speakers to the same distance. Bosch claims 1/16" accuracy to about 50 feet. That model is discontinued, but one can find them on eBay, sometimes at VERY low prices. I bought a 2nd for about $40 a year or so ago.\

** I also have coming a Marantz AV8805 pre/pro, the new version of the hi-end series.

hows the bass? I find them very good, not slam you in your seat bass but good in proportion to the excellent mids & highs.

Excellent! Congrats again.

frank7036 said

How’s the bass? I find them very good, not slam you in your seat bass but good in proportion to the excellent mids & highs.

Yes indeed. Well integrated into the whole.
stevem2 said

Excellent! Congrats again.

TYVM. Well worth the money and trip time.