My P3 has an audible buzz...normal

Hello, I just started noticing a buzz coming from my P3. I can hear it from about 12" away at times. Normally, I can only hear this buzz from about 1-3" away but sometimes this noise gets louder. Is this a sign of bad things to come?

No, it’s likely a sign that your home as DC on the line - something the P3 will block so your connected equipment won’t suffer from it. However, the P3’s transformer is being affected - which won’t hurt anything, but can be a bit annoying.

I need to post somewhere about my similar experience with buzzing from P3, because mine was very loud. When I removed the top plate from the P3 it is easy to identify where the noise is coming from. In my P3 it was coming out of one (or both) of these components which are mounted on the regenerator board (next to where power leaves the regenerator to the relay board). I replaced the regenerator and now I have perfect glorious silence! BTW replacing the regenerator in a P3 is a much easier task than in the PPP.
Can I just mention a big thanks to Jeremy at PS Audio who kindly facilitated supply of parts for an out-of-warranty repair. My P3 is now back in operation, and I have been restored to a gloriously silent background listening environment.