P12 constant hiss

Hi all,

I have a 4 day old P12 and I’ve noticed that 100% of the time there is a hissing sound, possibly the fans, emanating from it. I wouldn’t say it’s loud but I can hear it from my listening position which is 10 ft away when on mute.

When everything is on stand-by the P12 is at about 15% load and reaches a peak of approx. 60%.

Is this expected behavior?


I hear a very faint noise IF I put my ear about one inch away from the P12. Otherwise, total silence.

I don’t know if we have the same kind of noice from our power plants but I have a P15 that also give away disturbing sounds but I’ve solved it by putting the MW Strength on 3 and the Phase Tuning on -3 and after I’ve done that my P15 is silent.
I was VERY lucky that I also get the highest Improvement Factor when I use the “3, -3 Setting” since if I’ve had to use “5 and +4” instead to get the highest Improvment Factor it had been BAD since my P15 gives away to much disturbing noice then.

I have NO problems to hear my P15 6 meters (20 feets) away with the “wrong” setting.

Thanks all, I appreciate the info.

No matter what settings I try the noise remains.

Possibly time to call PSA. :disappointed:

Just as a long shot you might peer through the top grille with a flashlight and see if the fan is running and if so if it’s rubbing on something. If it’s more like a relay buzz then best to call PSA.

Good idea @Baldy.

I checked this morning and its the two fans constantly running. Can’t tell if they are rubbing on anything but they seem to be moving just fine.

Quick update - I called PSA and they agreed it’s not right so I will be getting a replacement unit - no fuss customer service - very good!

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I was in the process of posting that the fans should not be on all the time. You resolved the problem before I finished. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t have time to reply before now but glad you talked to them.
My P12 is dead silent all of the time. If the fan(s) run I never know it.
Their customer support is certainly first class.

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Agreed, TJ took care of business for me.

I’m not surprised. PSA seems to be totally bent on making the customer happy.

I have no idea how much my fans are on, as I can’t her them unless my ear is right up next to it. They are the quietest fans I have ever heard, or should I say “not heard”?

I have had my P12 for some time now and I have never heard the fans at all , even when I am very close to it. I didn’t know there are fans in the P12. The P12 gets warm, but never hot to the touch even when the stereo has been on all day. The only thing that is not plugged into it is the TV. Maybe they forgot to put fans in my P12.

I received my replacement P12 from PSA on Tuesday, installed it on Wednesday, and today (Friday) the fans haven’t come on at all apart from when I first booted it up.

The new unit is much much quieter, there is a faint electrical buzz that I can hear in a quiet room from 12" away but I’m assuming that’s normal.

The SQ wasn’t as good as my previous unit but it’s needs to burn in. Interestingly I hit the ‘clean’ option and SQ improved instantly.

My old unit was definitely faulty, PSA took care of it with no fuss - awesome support.

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