My review of the new P15 power regenerator

Thank you @Baldy, time will tell.

Meanwhile I can be patient, awaiting new DAC MKII and Streamer (even if I’m not digital).

Maybe in future PS Audio will design some new product closer to my needs, tastes and shelfs:

  1. A newer version of PowerPlant able to boost P12 (please with 2 HC slots also for EU version in order to feed both amps and subs) always in PerfectWave chassis
  2. A newer version of M1200s in a PerfectWave chassis (a sort of new monoblock in the middle of top Stellar line and starter DS line) that can benefit of some more space
    to improve power,
    to solve the PIA operations of rolling tubes that in horizontal M1200 is so difficult,
    without managing beasts like BHK300s or BHk600 that people not so young or without buddy now suffer to move,
    without real estate size problems in racks and shelfs.

Just some idea on the table…

Vern, Maybe we can do a M1200 and BHK 300 swap and answer both our questions. :+1:

Sounds like a great idea except there may be an ocean in the way if I am understanding the EU version references. It would be an interesting swap if logistics permitted.
Or did you mean you and I?

You and I. M1200 and BHK 300. We aren’t that far apart the only ocean between us is Lake Michigan! lol

@paul172 @Baldy

happy to hear from you the swapping experiment!

Unfortunately the ocean separates us (Italy has lot of famous sailors in his history but audiophile gears on Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria caravels never heard!).

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The M1200’s won’t look as impressive on top of the P20’s tho IMO.

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I could put them on my airplane and fly them over. Oh wait. I had to sell the airplane to get the 300’s. :grin:


:Dat’s funny Baldy

+1: :+1: :clap: :clap: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grin:

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Funny you mention that! My brother had a plane and sold it before he moved to Florida. I was trying think of who I know that has a plane! I live less than 5 miles from our local airport.

I dont have one and never did. That bit was just for the fun of it.
I also dont have the fancy drivers license or a passport and am happy to admit that it’s ok. I guess you could say that I am well grounded.
I do some service work for my friend who has a crop dusting business. Now there is a daily daredevil.

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