Got my p5 power plant!

Just got home from work and hooked up my p5. I bought it used but it looks new. I had to substitute 2 of my power cords because one would not bend sideways to fit in the back. The other cord, a purist audio would not fit in all the way and wasn’t providing current to my perfect wave dac, it was just to tight. But even with 2 backup cords I can really hear the difference between this and the ppp it replaced.

Much more organic sounding and better bass is my first impression. My system is still warming up and its late so I can’t really crank it to loud but listening to Alan Jackson and sounds so good. I am going to try to get that purist cord in later but right now very happy

Excellent! The sockets can be a bear to get the plugs into at first (if your unit is used I would have thought they might have loosened up at least a bit, but maybe not).

I got the purist cable plugged in and now that just kicked things up another notch. Soundstage is better than ever. It really sounds like the band is in the room.