My review of the new P15 power regenerator

“My guess is the regeneration is working but all the multiwave and sinewave are out of the circuit.”

It is not very clear what you mean here
Phillyb fyi there is no choice of having sinewave and muliwave out of circuit at same time. It is one or the other

I use Pangea as well. Pangea 9SE MkII for amps and 14SE MKII for preamp/sources. Great bang for the buck, IMO.

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Yes indeed …they are great value for the buck!
same Pangea cable type employed in same locations plus 9seMkII from P12 to wall!!

Great results with mine.

All my front end gear. My amp is across the room between my speakers, one should never, never, never put anything between your speakers, you kill in imaging and the illusion.


Hey Phillyb…you are right on on clearing the area in front…
fortunately for me, with my space sidewalls next to and rear
wall behind speakers are pretty much clear…

You have beautiful room there…

The result is an amazing acoustical soundspace…with an equally for
me amazing soundstage…

As I view the Customer’s Systems photo…I can only imagine
what these may sound like…beyond amazing for sure…

Just replace my PPP with P15. I could not believe my ears. The sounds were up to another level that I felt shock. I’ve read comments from users but I think the comments are too much for me. Now I have the P15 in my room. That’s not too much of the comments at all! They are all true! Now I wonder what
it sounds in P20. Anyway, the P15 is the best improvement that I should have done in stead of spend
money in other accessories in order to get a better SQ. This P15 is a real sound improvement unit!
Thanks Paul and Jake


Thanks so much Tuan! Great to hear you’re loving it! I just forwarded the message over to the crew, they’ll love reading this!

Greetings. I went from aP15 to a P20, and it was worth it, but it was nothing like going from a PPP to the P15.

for most people the 15 is very very good

Kent Tager


Thanks Kent for your commments.

My pleasure. Gear may come and go, but I doubt I will ever have a system with a PS power plant.

The entire product is just so great. I own nothing else except Thiel speakers

Kent Tager

Does any one know if the electrical output sockets are independently isolated ?
For example if a noisy power supply was plugged in would it pollute the other electrical output sockets?

To the best of my knowledge, zones are on separate rails, but I cannot confirm total isolation. For this reason, I do not connect any wall warts to the P15. Also, I do not allow sharing of the same zone between analogue and digital, nor between main preamp and phono preamp.

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Paul says because the output impedance is so low, injected noise cannot occur, effectively shorting itself out


Reading this thread I’m thinking about next step of my journey.

I have 2 P12 now feeding 2 M1200s. All the system is PS Audio (BHK pre, DS sr, PST, SPP).

I’m wondering how would be SQ if I put in the chain 2 brand new P15. How big is the P15 improvement vs P12 regens?

Anyone here tried this upgrade?

Thank you.

Hi Luca. I have no similar experience as I have just one P15 driving one stereo amp. However, to the best of my knowledge, buss rails, and other components used in building the P20 are better than those used in P15. So, you may be better off with one 1 x P20 rather than 2 x P15, and save your hard earned $$ for another upgrade! Just a thoguht!

Thank you for your suggestion.

I’m a symmetrical guy! TWO M1200s amps - left/right - make me feel good if fed by TWO PowerPlants.

The space on my SolidSteel shelfs (and over all in high in the room over the shelf) obliged me to chose: next step will be TWO P15 or TWO BHK 300s monoblocks.

No space unfortunately for the beast P20 (now and never)

Actually I’m very satisfied about SQ of my M1200s so I’m evaluating as improvement in SQ to put in the chain 2 new regenerators. Already changed cables and now I have a full loom AQ Dragon HC and SOURCE that gave me the biggest improvement ever heard before in my system.

You know, this hobby is a never-ending journey.

So what’s next step?

Now I’m just curious to know if the step from P12 to P15 would be big enough to justify the purchase. If not, I will be patient (not so frequently an audiophile attitude!) to save money not for new P15s regens but for new amps, in that case 2 BHK 300s.

Space limits and restricts my choices: or P15s Regens or BHK300s amps. Tertium non datur! Not enough for P20 (or future BHK 600s)

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I would chose 2 x BHK 300 over any power regenerators :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi Luca, I have 2 low consumption active speaker and one P5 feeding both… considering trading in to dual P3 or single P12. Just wondering how significant an upgrade is having two power plants feeding one amp each… is there a significant improvement in soundstage?


actually my 2 P12s are feeding the 2 M1200s, and the rest of system of course. BHK Pre, DS sr DAC, PST, SPP and a TT. All in a dedicated line. Not my 2 REL subs because EU schuko model of P12 has only 1 HC each, that I use for M1200s.
Why 2 P12s?
A lot of people from PS Audio, from @Paul to @jamesh, and even a lot of members here in the forum (thank you guys) said that is not a question of consumption current, it doesn’t matter only the sum of singles components, the real benefit to improve SQ is the headroom.
That’s why I went to 2 different P12s regens and, yesssss, they result a right choice.
Music sounds more relaxed, pleasant and never fatigue to listen to. Transients especially are vivid, engagingly fast and realistic.

Just wonder if upgrading from 2 P12s to 2 P15s would be a bigger improvement than upgrading from M1200s (that I love so much for their sound signature) to BHK300s (fed necessarily by 2 P12s).
Awaiting members opinions, as always.

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That is a question with no wrong answer. I think maybe trying out the 300’s might be a good option just to see if they are what you are expecting.
I have 2x P20 running 2X BHK 300’s and was thinking about trying a set of 1200’s just to see the difference (and they weigh a lot less too). Either way you should be in a good place. The P15 is just a little shorter than the P20 so you may not have room for them either.
Enjoy the ride!