P15 Is In The House

My P15 was delivered today and immediately hooked up. It only took 1 minute to realize this is a very special unit. It replaces my PPP which gave me 12 great years of listening enjoyment.



Good luck! Hope it brings you as much enjoyment as my P-10 does me!

Thanks to both…I’m already enjoying the benefits. Don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight. :sunglasses:

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You won’t!

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Amazing isn’t it how much clean power does for music! Congrats and enjoy!

Thanks for sharing and I’m glad your new P15 is doing well!

In what areas do you find it outperforms the PPP?

I only have about 2 hours of listening but for starters there in more impact and punch to the music. The is a sense of more air around the instruments, a deeper and wider soundstage and wind instruments and symbols don’t have that harshness that I would hear on some recordings.

I’m sure as the P15 settles in and I have more listening time things might change a bit. I’ll keep the forum posted.

Kudos to PS Audio for a magnificent product.

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Thanks for your feedback on the P15! How are things settling now that you’re a few days along?

I see that @audiophilehi is selling the PPP. What is the lifespan on something like that? Right now I’m using a TrippLite Isobar surge protector to power my admittedly mid-fi setup. Would I be better served with a used PPP or should I wait for the Stellar regenerator to be released?

That really comes down to usage and expectations, I think. If I remember correctly audiophilehi has his PPP listed for $750, which is a nice deal.

The trouble is that PPPs are on the older side and not covered under warranty. If you go for it, it might last a month, or a year, or 10 years. There’s not really any good way to know. This is generally the case for any older used gear.

The Stellar P3 will be covered under our 3 year warranty and will perform better than the PPP. However, the PPP also offers more power output than the P3, and the P3 will be a good bit more expensive than this used PPP.

So I suppose it comes down to your budget and how you would handle any unexpected PPP repairs if they come up. For reference, the out of warranty repair cost for a PPP is $500 plus shipping.

Thank you for the insight. I greatly appreciate it.

Happy to help out! Good luck on the journey for better power :grin: