My Top 3 Speakers from Axpona 2023

whatduhyou know?


I liked neither the Alexx nor Alexia Vs at the show. I’ve heard both of them sound better.

I’m going to skip the 6-figure speakers and mention my favorites in 5-figures in no particular order:
Joseph Audio Pearl3 driven by Doshi tube preamp and Doshi tube monoblocks
PS Audio FR30 & FR20 driven by a BHK Preamp and BHK600 monoblocks
Alta Audio Titanium Hestia driven by a new Class A stereo amp from Infigo


I see mint condition 2’s show up at the dealer in Seattle every now and then. I could be very happy with them. The last time I was there I set aside an hour and a half, three hours later and I had to leave… they were closing. The 2’s were awesome with everything I listened to. They were being driven by a pair of Audio Research REF 250SE.


The Infigo gear was mighty impressive as well!


I asked Chris B. to switch from FR30’s to 20’s.
The 20’s are fabulous.
The 30’s are easy-to-hear better. Just physically, how can they not be? They’re natural, believable.

The Alta’s were wonderful.


20 or 30, makes no difference to me. They both are outstanding!

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Omitting the FR30/FR20 only because of my personal bias to rate them #1.

While I didn’t hit all the rooms (many were rinse/repeat of last years Axpona/CAF/2023 FLAX).

My personal 3 favourites were:

  1. Joseph Audio - So good that I went in there all 3 days
  2. Volti Audio - Always great sound and great people
  3. Gershmann Acoustics - I had a private listen both the 2 way and 3 way (30th Anniversary) Speakers. Eli’s designs always are a joy to listen to

I have a set of Gershmans and I believe they’re going to be the single set of speakers that I keep after reducing the stereo gear collection.


The Gershman room sounded pleasant. They brought their “posh” speaker several years ago, and was just magnificant.

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My top three set-ups:

  1. Stenheim Ultime
  2. Borresen
  3. Von Schweikert Ultra 7 - set up in small room but did not sound like it.

I was disappointed in the two Wilson rooms.