My Weekend Find

I’ve been looking for Nipper at local flea markets it good condition for a long time. Finally found him Saturday.

Say hello to Nipper.



Nice find. I always have my Nipper radar on whenever I am out and about.

Thanks Paul! My nipper radar is always on as well. Including my vinyl radar as well.

That reminds me; I need to start checking out yard-sales, garage-sales, and estate sales, when I get some free time.
Sometimes, you can stumble onto true “Gems” selling for next to nothing. Either the seller just wants to get rid of stuff; or they really don’t know what certain items are worth.
It can be a lot of fun, but the earlier you get there; the better.

My #1 gem that I found was when vacationing in Paris many years ago at a local flea market. It was an original UK 1st pressing of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon for $0.75 cents.