Paul, Check this Nipper out!

This “Nipper” the dog is a twenty-eight-foot tall, four-ton steel and fiberglass canine statue. Originally fabricated in Chicago, shipped by rail in five sections, assembled on the roof with the help of a ten-ton crane at his home since 1958 in Albany, NY.

This Nipper is about a 20 minute drive away from me! Maybe this Nipper should be an acquisition for the roof of the new PS Audio building? Hehe


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See, here

Great minds think alike. While the city of Boulder would not allow this in any shape or form because of it’s size, one of my long term goals for the new building is to get whatever size Nipper the city would allow right at the front of the building (on the roof) looking down at folks. I have no idea how that would happen or if it will, but I’ve set my sites on it.

One of our community members sent me a note explaining Nipper I had not known. Apparently the original painting of Nipper is of the dog sitting atop his master’s coffin. The record player is also atop the casket and the dog cocks his head hearing his deceased Masters Voice.

Wow, I hadn’t known that… I have a little one I got in a Calfornia ghost town once. That’s a tad depressing :slight_smile: