My wife has been to the local auction again

This is the 3rd time my wife has bought LPs at this auction in the last year, the first time she brought home 245 LPs of different genres. The second time she brought home 281 LPs, we’ve not even played all the LPs from both previous auctions. Last night I went with her to this auction trying to contain her from all this buying, but I did’t succeed very well, we brought home 291 more LP.s. She purchase them all, I got a lot more sorting, cleaning and such to do, I’m glad I’m retired!!!


What a very different problem, I can’t pity you too much here :wink:

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Is this a good or bad thing?

It’s a good thing, I just aggravate her about it, there are a lot of different artist and music we have never heard before this buying of LPs.
What we don’t like we just box them up and take them back to the auction to recoup some of our money, next Thursday we have a few boxes for sale there. You never know what they will bring, but it’s better than just sitting here.
It’s very interesting to see what sells and for how much, this auction is just a little local country type, very informal but some deals can be had.


Nice. I need to find one of those auctions near me.

Auctions are great, my wife and business partner, has brought home many boxes of CD’s. That is great for ripping because I have zero storage space. One rare purchase was 6 large boxes containing about 500 CD’s for $45 bucks. I found about 20 new ones for my server and she kept another 30 or so. The boxes went back to the auction for a recoup. I asked her to keep an eye open for PS Audio and Esoteric components. :smiley: She is a Bose fan(?)

BTW Happy Valentine’s day,