Need a new integrated for the shop

Looking for suggestions from the hive on a new integrated amp for the machine shop.
$2000 or so on the used market.
100 watts or so should do.
Need Roon ready, network able, air play would be ok but not necessary.
Mainly for use with Qobuz or Pandora over the network or fom a local computer sound card output.
So far NAD and Hegel come to the top
Any suggestions?

PSA Sprout?

with money left over for ice cream
The Schiit Ragnarok would be great, not 100 watts though. Or, you could use a two box solution with the Vidar as the amp (it’s 100W) and the Saga+ as the pre (both boxes are smaller width). You can buy new and still have plenty of money left over. American assembled with mostly American made parts.


Big plus 1 on the Schiit. I own several of their pieces and they perform way beyond the price and have been trouble free.

I forgot about Schiit. Thanks to both of you!

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We have been using a sprout since they were released but it is dying a slow miserable death. Looking for something with a little more grunt.

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I never hear one but it should be a step up from sprout.

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I did see that one and it’s also on the short list.

not to make this a classified ad for myself, but i have a Cambridge Azur 851 A that I’m selling for cheap… Great amp, plenty of power, but it’s just an analog integrated. You’d need to add a streamer.

(Do you need an all-in-one?)

Mine’s on USAM

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More food for thought. :thinking:

I use a Hegel H120 and I am very pleased with it. It is in my primary digital listening system used for assessing new releases. My source is an Innuos ZEN Mk3, streaming via Qobuz.

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Another interesting twist for you to take a look at:

The CI-Uniti 102 is an “all-in-one streamer and amplifier” – $1,499 USD according to the linked release.

We sure do live in the best of times as far as this hobby goes (IMO). We have multiple options to our options and a lot of great gear with a hight performance to price ratio.


[Addenda: NAIM always has to make things “interesting”; and, in this case, it looks like there will be limitation on what speakers you can use with this kit. Still and all…interesting…]

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You should call Nick. He should give you a good discount for all the high end gear you recently sent them.



Thanks John,
Its more than I want to spend for the shop but looks like a solid piece.

Good to know and thanks.
I was looking at those too. TMR has 3 of them that must have come from someones HT setup. And the price is right.

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I’m good at spending others money🙂
Maybe look for an N1000, same DNA without some bells & whistles

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I appreciate the effort! I love spending other peeps money too.

I recommend the NAD M10 V2.

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Please share your final decision with us.

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