Need help on selecting pre and amps for esl11as

Recently ordered a pair of esl 11as and I’m now looking at amps pres and integrated units to drive them. I was dead set on the anthem str integrated all in one but The is audio trade in has piqued my interest and saves me time from listing my old rotel 1555 motion 40s and motion 30 on audiogon etc. If I go with ps audio equipment what would work the best, I really like class ab amps but maybe class d could be decent as well any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated thankyou


I started with Martin Logan Odyssey’s and M700 amps. There were great! I upgraded the Odyssey speakers to ML CLX Art speakers a much larger ESL panel speaker and the M700’s worked very well with them also. I recently upgraded the M700’s to the M1200’s and the sound from the speakers is the best I’ve heard from them so far! I know the BHK amps would be a better match to the CLX speakers but the M1200s has to be darn close! Extremely revealing and brings out a lot in the ML panels!

As far as the Preamp the BHK is hard to beat!

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Congrats on the speakers!!!

If going with PS Audio:
BHK Preamp + BHK 250
BHK Preamp + M1200
If looking at full tubes from other companies:
Conrad Johnson Preamp (used PV10, 11 or 12, new ET6 or ET7)
Conrad Johnson Poweramp (used MV series, new Classic 62 or Classic 120)
Prima Luna Preamp EVO 100, 200, 300, 400 series
Prima Luna Poweramp EVO 100, 200, 300 or 400 series