BHK 250 vs 300, Martin Logans, and some random questions.

Hello all,

I have begun my long and extensive search for new amplifiers to add to my sound system, and I have a few questions concerning the PS Audio line of products. My introduction to this wonderful company was my recent purchase of the DSJ, and besides an incredible sonic addition to my system, the responsiveness and service of the staff (Kevin Jackson especially) has been exemplary.

Currently I am using the following setup:

DSJ -> Primaluna Dialogue Integrated -> Martin Logan Montis (20-500 Wpc at 4ohms impedance, 91 dB/2.83 volts/meter sensitivity)

  1. I want to replace the Integrated Amp while using my DSJ as the preamp/source since I only listen to digital. Would the BHK line match well with my speakers? What would the advantage be in getting the 300s over the 250, would the 300s just be overkill and overwhelm my speakers? Would the chain of the DSJ -> BHK -> MLs work to begin with eventually adding a preamp along the chain? Any thoughts about the m700s in my chain?

  2. One of the features I really love about the DSJ is the wake from standby just by selecting a song from Roon. One of the other amps that I was considering is the Parasound JC-1 and they have a feature that wakes from standby once music starts playing. This would be a nice feature on the BHK since I try to make my systems around the house hassle-free for my wife to use.

  3. I also was reading about some issues with the fault protection triggering due to overheating. I am sure it has been resolved by now, but I wasn’t able to find a definitive answer.



Let me just say the montis are a very nice speaker. The 300s and the 250 will not overwhelm them at all. I am guessing the primaluna will be a different sound. But from reports - the ps audio amps do a nice job. So what do u like about the prima Luna? What do u want to keep from it. And what do you want to improve?


Those are great questions. I love the PrimaLunas, they resolve well with great musicality and for me the bass is just right. I want to keep the musicality and the tightness of the bass, but I want to improve the soundstage. The soundstage currently feels like being in a nice intimate jazz club with a medium but horizontal sound stage. For orchestral pieces, it doesn’t sound (to my ears) like there is enough grandness and verticality to the sound.



The MLs are very resolving speakers and in my opinion, the BHK’s sweet openness would compliment them perfectly.

I’ve got BHK250 and ML Summits. I did not expect that (due to very low impedance of the Logans), but the match is fantastic. I posted a review in this subforum a couple of years ago.

Paul, I was looking at the ML ESL 13A and 15A. They dip down to .7 ohm at 20khz. I know that not much lives in that range, but at 10-15 kmz these speakers maybe running around 1.5 ohm or less. Will the BHK 300’s be happy with this? Normal is 4 ohm.

Here is the copy paste from specs: 4 Ohms, 0.5 at 20kHz

They should be ok. We’ve tuned the BHK protection circuit to work with the quick dips in impedance of electrostats. The worst we’ve seen we’re Acoustats and the BHK works with those, so I think you’ll be fine.

I own both Martin Logan 15a’s and bhk 300 monos there is no issue with the amps driving M.L low impedance.

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My 2 cents: I run one BHK 250 with MartinLogan Spires and they run just fine. The only problem I ever had was the loose wire in the right speaker (discussed a few months back) but once that was fixed everything is peachy.

I was one of the first adopters of the BHK250; mine was shipped to me about a week before the 300’s came available. So I never traded up to the 300’s. What I did do, though, was replace the rail fuses in the BHK 250 to the HiFi Tuning Supreme and that made a world of difference for the better. To me, that is.

You’ll be happy with either.