Tiers of cheer- help me pick a component

Hello. New to psaudio and LOVING my stellar phono preamp!
System now is
Vpi prime turntable , stellar phono pre, wyred4sound stpse preamp (base unit with no upgrades) , parasound a21 amp and soon to come in spatial audio m5s to replace my spatial audio m3 turbos. Also have a bel canto eone streamer coming but I use my setup mainly for vinyl listening.
60% classic rock, 20% blues, 20% jazz

Should I

  1. Go from wyred4sound to bhk pre?
  2. Stellar m700 monoblocks in place of parasound?
  3. sit tight on what I have and revisit in a year and make the wife happy with no more “upgrades”:roll_eyes:

I’m not unhappy with the sound but the sales with the trade in tempted me

I’ve been running the BHK 250 in my system for the last few weeks and don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back. This guy or the BHK pre. Either one of these would be one heck of an upgrade! Specially if you’re doinging a lot of vinyl listening. I know the BHK 250 isn’t in the promo, but we can work something out if you me an email. jamesh@psaudio.com

Your Amp actually sounds like a pretty good amp, not sure if M700 would be an upgrade. BHK pre however would be an upgrade over your pre for sure, OR, if you wanna upgrade the Amp, go with BHK. M700 is more of a lateral move.

As I currently own both the W4S preamp and the BHK preamp plus an IcePower 1200as based amp and the BHK 250 my advice is that the upgrade to the 250 is the bigger jump. The STP-SE is severely under rated and can easily be upgraded to the Stage 2 which would put it and the BHK preamp in and equal but different leagues. However as someone who has owned M3 TM’s I wouldn’t do anything until you get the new Spatial’s and have given them 200+ hours.

Thanks for all the prompt responses.I figured that the m700 might be a lateral move but the from factor intrigued me.
DawkinksJ- Thats the dilemma i have now. Do I upgrade the wyred4soud to stage 2 or get a tube pre and keep the ss amp for now
The bhp 250 has interested me but the size/weight is a minor negative for me . Its heavier than my parasound!
still mulling it over…

If i were you, I’d do the BHK 250. I have a BHK Pre as well as the 250 but the pre is SUPER finicky where the 250 is solid. The Pre has loud clicks at every volume adjustment (not the relays), I even sent it to them to look at and they said it’s normal. It sounds good, but it annoying. It also has a ton more background noise/hiss than any other component I’ve used including all tube phono stage. Again, it sounds good, but the 250 is dead silent and a huge improvement over any other amp I’ve used. My 2 cents. Good luck. Cheers!

I just traded my Parasound (integrated, but similar) for a pair of M700s. Missed the Tiers of Cheer by a week, but c’est la vie. Better than a lateral move. Much more control over my B&Ws, improved sound stage, and not completely broken in yet!

BHK might be down the road, but I’m thrilled with the change from Parasound to M700s.

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Nice. They are truly wonderful amps.

I would upgrade to Stage 2 first then wait for a used 250. And I agree with grateful about the quirks and noise. I have two friends who have owned STP-SE basic and Stage 2’s and feel the Stage 2 is night and day better.

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I don’t experience any of these issues with the BHK preamp. Could be speaker sensitivity dependent. I run 87dB/w/m and prefer 12AU7 tubes.

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Yeah it seems to be quite mixed results here from others with BHK pre. Which is why I sent mine back in the first place to make sure mine was a good unit. Spending more time with it, I found that the environment has a lot to do with it. If it’s drier out, then the static and pops are much more apparent. Which makes sense, drier environments are more prone to ESD. A couple weeks ago humidity was in the single digits and it was terrible. FWIW my speakers are not super sensitive (89db) but they do have a diamond tweeter which isn’t helping my situation. I’ve tried several sets of kickass tubes with no real change. It is what it is at this point.