Need help with Bridge II and Roon set-up

I have an Antipodes DX server on the 1st floor connected to DSD via usb (no problem here)
However on 2nd floor I have a DSJr and want the bridge II to output DSD64 1 bit. I am using Roon software but can only stream pcm 44.1 16 bit output. Can someone help me to set DoP set-up? The DSjr shows in the Roon ready section and doesn’t have an option for DoP setting. How can I set the Bridge II for DSD 64 1bit output?

My understanding is that the bit rate and frequency are automatic as is the DOP. Settings don’t need to be configured. For some reason your DAC is only seeing the 16/44.

Are you playing a DSD 64 file or want to upsample to DSD 64?

The DSJ will accept DSD 64 over the bridge without changing any settings.

If you want to upsample you need to configure each zone with the settings you want.