Your best DSD256

Hi all. So I have yet to try a quad rate dsd on my DS. What are some of your favorites both musically and sonically. Do you consider it a big step up?

Here’s a starter. It’s available in DSD256. Won lots of awards.


The recording details. Used the same Pyramix system Paul has acquired for Octave Records.

Recorded in London, at a church I can just about see from the top floor of my house, produced in the Netherlands.



I enjoy this one too:


folks had given good suggestions to listen to.
As an alternative - you can hear the difference using same recording from this company at various encoding levels.


… or not hear a difference

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Does “Interplay” come in 256? If it does I would like to get it and compare it to my DSD64 version.

I have compared “Some Other Time” Bill Evans 64, 128, and 256. They are really close. I would be happy with any one of those formats, but I find 256 had the most inner detail and clarity.

If you look to the gray area to the right is says DSD256

Yes, it does. Where, may I ask can I get this recording in 256. Thanks.


Try this link:*+evans*

Order the most expensive one and you should have access to all of the resolutions.


A question or 2, from a guy who killed off a couple too many brain cells:

I know what DSD is, and enjoy listening to them (as SACDs) on my PST/SCDAC. But what are Pure DSD and DSD256? And what do I play them on?

If you have the PST you are already outputting pure DSD from SACD’s. SACD is DSD 64. I’m not sure the Stellar Gain Cell Dac will play DSD 256. You could possibly play DSD 256 on a usb drive thru the PST. Looks like the SGCD will play up to DSD128 or double rate DSD. DSD256 is quad rate so you would need a Directstream Dac with Sunlight installed if going the PS Audio route.


Thanks Paul, for a very clear explanation.

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I ordered the Bill Evans “Interplay” and some others in DSD256. The DSD64 version I have is extraordinary, but the 256 version takes it to another level. The 3D and inner detail is just better. The images just pops out more. I am really sold on 256. I really like the prices on these downloads also. Thank you for the link!


Anyone know the highest DSD rate the PST can do via the front USB?

I got a bunch of new DSD256’s added to my Bill Evans “Interplay” which is my latest favorite and each one is as good as the next. Well recorded with enormous resolution and a great sense of reality. A few of the 256’s I also have the 64 versions. The 64 versions sounds very close to my SACD’s but are not in the same league as the 256 versions. They sound a little more closed in and muddled in comparison. My CD’s, forget it, they are not in the same ballpark. These 256’s sounds close to my turntable with the fullness and naturalness and possibly even more detailed. Remarkable! Here are some of the new 256’s I got. They are really good!

1 - Bill Evans ‎– Interplay (Pure DSD) × 1 DSD256 Direct Stream Digital Download.
2 - 'S Make It - Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers (Pure DSD) × 1 DSD256 Direct
Stream Digital Download.
3 - Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins (Pure DSD) × 1 DSD256 Direct
Stream Digital Download.
4 - Bill Evans Trio ‎– At Shelly’s Manne-Hole, Hollywood, California (Pure DSD)
× 1 DSD256 Direct Stream Digital Download.
5 - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane with Band (Pure DSD) x 1 DSD256 Direct
Stream Digital Download.


Thanks. I will need to download one. I like bill evans. I’m gonna have to look at my collection to se what I don’t have.

Thank you!!! Where did you download these from?

Thanks to @watchdog507, he introduced the link earlier.

Ok I agree this is pretty spectacular!