New room New power

Hi all.

I am building a new dedicated room. I will have my amp/pre/DS/PC/electrostats all pulling power. All this along with lights and possibly a tv in a separate room.

Any suggestions on circuits - 1 or 2? 15 amp or 20? Should stereo all be on one circuit? Any products (special plugs etc recommended?). Thanks in advance. Tim

Adding more lines when you are doing one or two doesn’t cost that much more. In my previous house I did four and then later added more. In my current house we just did eight to start. Note: I have a surround system and mono blocks so my system probably is larger than most.

I’m not an expert in household electrical wiring or code issues so check the following with your electrician, etc.:

It’s not the average current draw (15 or 20 amps, etc.) that matters for most audio equipment but the instantaneous current that’s available. Your system will probably sound more dynamic with something like #10 conductors and 20 amp breakers than #12 with 15 amp breakers…

Make sure all of the breakers are on the same phase of the household wiring (usually the same side of the breaker box.)

Typically you want to avoid light dimmers near your system or at least get better quality dimmers - our electrician picked out some dimmers that don’t seem too bad for the audio system.

Very cool Ted. Thanks a lot.

I should have added: I did this a while ago and I haven’t been keeping track of current offerings in better quality outlets. I did use some “audiophile” outlets when I did this and was happy with the results. But even if you aren’t interested in spending $60 or $100 on an outlet it’s still problebaly worth looking at hospital grade outlets. Better connections with less arcing are just a good idea. (When I just did a search for “hospital grade outlets” I see a lot of people pushing their favorite version of power outlets: I’m recommending that people consider looking at their local hardware store for hospital grade if they aren’t interested in more expensive products…)

Look for one that is orange.

Elk. Are you talking about an outlet?

Orange outlets are ground isolated

yo can buy hospital grade with an orange dot for ISO and a green dot fir hospital grade

oif you can use Romex

it has its own ground wire do not share the neutral meaning buy 10/2 Rolmex it’s orange in color.

The breakers directly accross from each other are the same phase then skip one going down meaning from left side choose 1/5 not 1/3

use one ground for all circuits if they are in one box. You can even use one duplex for two circuits there is tabs on the sides to cut

use 30 amp breakers instead of 20 amp it has a better contact inside the 10 gauge wire will fit on the hosp grade rec

if need be have elk or Paul give you my email I can give you advise if you wish.

Esch romex comes with a copper wire with no insulation on it . If need be I can Send you pics

or instruct your electrical cont

goos luck