Network Switch with normal IEC - Does this mean that there is no switching power supply


Just curious if anyone knows whether having a switch like this would eliminate the need to power my switch with a Linear Power Supply. It has a normal IEC just like a component.

Does this mean that it does not use a switching power supply, or is all the stuff for a switching power supply just put inside?

This thing has way more ports than I need but would free up a spot on my HDPLEX power supply.


The power supply is just inside the box.

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Oh well.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Ive just put one in. Runs off 240v. Output is fiber optic into a media converter and then into my audio player. Only other device on the switch is my server. Sounds superb.

Hmmmm, I have that switch as well. (I guess I have a 2960) Can you provide info on that cable and adapter pretty please? I see the details on the TP Link mc200cm.

Cisco switch (£60 reconditioned from eBay)

SFP multimode module (goes in the switch)

Fiber multimode cable

TPLink gigabit multimode converter

Also waiting for one of these power supplies to arrive for the converter. Probably a waste of money

Thank you!
Would it be correct that the multi mode transceiver should be the Cisco version instead of the ubiquiti version?

I must admit I like the fiber optic route. I shall probably move the switch and server into my upstairs office next to my modem and run a 50m fiber optic downstairs. All I will then need in my living room is the media converter and it will go straight into the back of my audio player (Devialet Expert Pro).

My guess is that you will change your opinion on this being a waste of money. I currently have my TPLink converter hooked to a 9v battery and there is a definite improvement (of the can’t go back to the wall-wort variety). I will be interested to hear your evaluation of an LPS as the batteries don’t last very long -though I’m evaluating an 800 mAh rechargeable now.

That’s the link to the one I bought and it works perfectly.

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iFi has a reputation for making fantastic and very useful budget products, like the xDSD DAC. They have gone upmarket with the iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC and Headphone Amplifier, which apparently is amazingly good.

Here’s hoping my £49 was a good investment.

They are, of course, British, designed and manufactured in Blighty.

You don’t have much of a radius available to bend that SFP cable when then cabinet door is closed. There are limitations how much those cables can be bent.

I moved the switch forward for artistic purposes. Plenty of cable room.