Fiber Optic Link Power Supply

I’m going to be adding a fiber optic link between the DS DAC and router and would like to know of a really clean 5V power supply. Ted should know of a great supply. I will be connecting this 5V PS to the P20. I will also be adding another fiber optic link from roter to the CD (Ethernet link is just info, I know).

One of the best is UltraCap LPS-1.2

This is one of the best and you can use multiple outputs/devices simultaneously. There is an updated version that I have preordered with rails and new devices.

Sbooster Mark 2 is coming out soon.

Thanks… will look at this

Many options for many budgets. I’m using one from to power a NUC with Roon. The guys over at measured and liked the Sbooster BOTW.

I just happened across this Wyred 4 Sound PS-1 Modular Linear Power Supply with low noise specs. In the application, I’m going to need (4) independent or (2) ganged supplies. With (2) sets of Ethernet to fiber and back to Ethernet (router to DAC & router to CD player), each conversion requires 5.5W at 9V (611mA) power; therefore, will need either 2 supplies at 2A each or (4) independent supplies at 1A each to cover the 611mA with some room. This supply seems doable and I can connect each convertor seperately.

Features & Specs
Up to four independent power zones; user-selectable - 5v, 9v, 12v or 15v
2.1mm (inner), 5.5mm (outer diameter) male coaxial/barrel plug with positive center pin
Regular current power modules for devices up to 1A
High-current power modules for devices up to 3A maximum, 2A continuous
PS-1 dimensions: 8.25" x 6.25" x 3.25"
Test conditions 12v/0.75A: Noise: less than 5µV (no filter); less than 2.5µV (20Hz - 1000Hz)
Output impedance: Less than .008 Ω

In the past, I have suggested to Paul to add a 5V and 12V DC output in his powerplants.

The massive transformer and large capacitors of powerplants should provide the basis for a very nice linear DC supply. I hope Paul can reconsider this suggestion his customers as there is a real market for it.

Hope Paul can have a favorable reply.

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Even a separate adjustable power supply would be nice.

Yes, an adj PS from 5V to 15V speced at 4A would help very nicely. The audiophile community (digital) is going Ethernet to fiber and back for galvanic isolation. It would be a good upgrade to the P20. You can always use a very low noise DC supply with your rack of audiophile equipment. The reason you bought the P20 to start…

Thanks for jogging the old memory on this one. Indeed, it would be a cool addition to the Power Plants. The one issue we’ve never worked out is connectors. There are hundreds of different connector types and we never figured out a way to make that a practical reality.

Just provide standard 5.5mm female socket that we plug our DC wires into it.

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That socket would handle maybe 1% of the cables and then you’d need a set of adapters. No?

My suggestion is to have a 5.5mm female socket at the back of powerplants, user will need to prepare DC cable with 5.5mm male plug on powerplant end and whatever plug needed on the other end to be connected to our gear.

It is a low voltage DC power line which should be safe enough for most of us to home made one.

Yes, Sbooster does this and ships 6 adaptors. That’s probaby the safest way.

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Surely, you need isolated power sources, not ones generated by your hifi kits as all that will happen is the rf will travel from your tcp/ip interface down the power lines to your other hifi kit providing the power.

This surely also goes for the power hubs mentioned above where everything is connected together by 1 5v psu, the rf / ground noise will travel to everything plugged into it. Each bit of optical kit needs its own supply not connected or shared with anything else, otherwise you won’t get isolation.

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I think 4pin XLR and/or USB type C would be better.