New BHK Preamp

Pulled the trigger on a new BHK preamp. Expecting delivery on Friday. Waiting in anticipation.


You won’t be sorry! Only recommendation is to use 12V tubes that are well matched to minimize noise during volume change and as the tubes age.

Next set for me are newly manufactured Telefunkens


Congrats!! Let us know what you think when you bring her in. Don’t forget to give some good break-in time. 100 hours will be a good start but you’ll probably need more.

Have fun- not selling mine. Check the tube rolling topic

I intend to. After all having fun is what’s it’s all about. Need a mini lifetime to go through the tube rolling topic :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jamesh. Shall do.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Unfamiliar with newly manufactured Telefunken tubes. Did not see them at Upscale.

I would still go with NOS tubes. The newly manufactured tubes just don’t sound as good as the old ones. You don’t need to spend big bucks. I’m listening to these right now and they cost $15 each. Philips JAN 5814’s.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I have no experience with the performance of new Telefunkens, but they are made by JJ.
That’s not a bad thing but I’d be surprised if they sound like the NOS versions.

From the Telefunken website. Didn’t realize they are manufactured by JJ (did see of Russian origin, I think).

Have tried:
NOS Amperex 7308: Great sound, but got noisy too early in their life
NOS Cifte 12AU7: Really great sound and have lasted > 1k hours so far (currently installed), but pricey.

Wanted to try something new (non-NOS) in the “upper end” of the price range. NOS Tele’s get stupid expensive.

Thanks for the tube lead. A detailed, low noise, “affordable” alternative to the
stock psvanes is where I am headed as well. I am a tube novice and appreciate
the input. Might try the NOS Ciftes but can’t see a source. Keep us in the loop
on how the new Telefunkens sound.

Upscale Audio did have the Cifte 12AU7’s, but didn’t have the cryo’ed version and were kind of slow replying back so will try the new Tele’s. The Citfe’s are pretty steep at around $350 for a well matched pair with cryo. They do sound great, but hoping something new will be close and more readily available without the inevitable price increases as the NOS stuff becomes rarer.

These tubes are fantastic. If you don’t try them, you’re a goof. There–I’ve said it.

Now that’s a recommendation I can get behind. :nerd_face:

I agree- running them in BHK 300s

Running them in the BHK 250.

That’s awfully strong language. :slight_smile: