New Deutsche Grammophon vinyl series 100% All Analogue

Anyone heard of this, new upcoming all analogue cuts from Deutsche Grammophon called The Original Source Series.

Being mastered and cut by Emil Berlinner Studios who are really going to long lengths to make stellar presses, looks really promising.

Diverse Künstler | News | Futuristic Retro: The Original Source Series (

4 titles available for pre order now with release around 2nd June (it appears some have already sold out and they were only listed yesterday I think!!!), apparently 12 will be issued over this year.

Deutsche Grammophon - der offizielle Shop - DG Original Source

The lead engineer of Emil Berlinner Studios worked under Kevin Gray for a while, so she has quite some pedigree, her name is Sydney Claire Meyer

Emil Berliner Studios | Emil Berliner Studios (

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Ah, congrats, I knew I was late to the party :slight_smile:

@Elk apologies, could we merge this?

I just checked; 3 of the first 4 releases are already sold out!

It’s interesting that they all completely miscalculate the first time.

The consolation is that classical recordings from almost every other label sound better (recording wise) than DG recordings, with very few exceptions, and that there are enough good or better interpretations available.

Aside of that, I guess they will reprint.

So true.

Some of my most listened to albums (now digital only) are on DG recorded from the 1960’s forward and a majority sound bright, over-miked, hard and even brittle) Same era recordings from Decca and EMI, for example, are startlingly good.

Yes, I never cared for DG CDs when they started coming out, but I’m hoping these recordings may be something better than what I’ve heard in the past.

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Well after I listened to several symphonic DG reissues I have and saw that at least 2-3 of them sounded very good, I pulled the trigger to try 3 of the new ones (leaving out the trout quartet which I don’t like).

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