Wagner ~ der ring des nibelungen


I like very much the Solti edition and i feel the best digital version out there, is the esoteric dsd edition!

I wonder what you consider the best?
What are your thoughts of the different editions?

What about the vinyl versions?

I see the first vinyls release of Solti was form 1967 then the other years (according to discogs) are 1970, 1973, 1974 and 1981;

is extrange no modern lp box set version exist :flushed:

Good night everybody;

I have the Esoteric version and it’s gorgeous, surely the best digital.

I also have the two Superanalogue Vinyl Boxes (very rare and even more gorgeous).But there’s only Rheingold, Walkure and Tristan available from Superanalogue, not the whole Solti Ring.

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Great I can not find info of these new remasters

Which edition are the One you like Most?


I like the Superanalogue Solti vinyl and the Testament vinyl box of Keilberth most (just put Siegfried on the turntable)…the Keilberth is a Bayreuth recording, one of the earliest stereo recordings and it transports (besides the music) every creaking of the stage floor into your listening room…gorgeous even though it sounds a little vintage compared to modern recordings (better in some, worse in some other regards, but extremely immediate and live). You just can’t compare the digital Keilberth version to the Testament vinyl reissues unfortunately. It’s a must have for me.

But although I have several more digital Ring editions, I’d go for the Esoteric Solti when digital in case you like the Solti performance. I’m really a fan of most Esoteric remasterings (they often sound better than the standard vinyl editions) and the Ring is one of the great ones. Sound quality (for the recording era) and performance are first class.

If you ask me for the very best sounding of several digital published interpretations, I’d have to take a listen at a later time.

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Forgot to say you probably won’t find the Superanalogue vinyl anymore and if you do it costs a few hundred for each box...also the Testament Ring n vinyl was over 600 new and now is probably more expensive. So even the expensive Esoteric SACD’s are a bargain in comparison :wink:

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Interesting stuff, i wll check these vinyls latter, and see how many are AAA :smiley:

I understand i feel pure analoge AAA is better for this recording, i Hope then i find Old stuff then, before the dac digital vinyl era.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you mean by analogue DDD and DAC digital vinyl era

Edit: I saw you edited DDD to AAA…makes more sense now :wink:

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My memory is Old nowdays :joy:

I listen right now the esoteric sacd wow great sound !!

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