Record labels that master, classic vinyl music


Which records labels master classic music today?
Then i dont mean remaster, but that master classic music to vinyl from recently concerts, live music etc!

If possible all analogue there no digital is used let say from reel to reel to vinyl or maybe even direct to vinyl; if such record label doesn’t exist then which record label do master classic music today to vinyl?


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Reference Recordings, Acousence, Tacet, Yarlung, DIVOX and some standard labels issuing vinyl add. to their digital releases.

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Berlin Philharmonic has something that may interest you:

Simon Rattle conducts Beethoven’s Symphonies

One-Point microphone set-up on 10 LP

LP 1–10 (180g virgin vinyl)
Symphonies Nos. 1–9

Hardcover, 52 pages


Disappointing that only the vinyl has the one point microphone set up.

“While the CD / Blu-ray version was recorded using standard main and spot microphones, a one-point microphone set-up with only one pair of stereo microphones was used for the vinyl edition.”

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Agree. I may have purchased the SACD set otherwise to hear these symphonies (of which I have a half dozen complete sets & many other individual performances) recorded that way.

Didn’t know that difference, interesting! I have the original recording format (24/192). I also like it, but for vinyl and general, my favorite Beethoven is this:


Jarvi is a first class conductor whose repertoire is both wide and deep. Many of his recordings are on my shelf, including the SACD of the 9th from this set.


thanks Famavolat and yes it interest me but for the price i wait little

ps. what is virgin vinyl?

interesting more “mono” style? anyway i like that :heart_eyes:

interesting jazznut;

but it seems it out of print?

thank you very much

Virgin vinyl (usually 180g or 200g) will have less impurities than non virgin & is not sourced from re-cycled vinyl. Quieter surfaces (less clicks & pops) the goal.

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Not out of print

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Yes it is unfortunately…but sometimes even such rare OOP titles appear somewhere…

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the in print ones are digitally sourced (but still great), the out of print ones were analog sourced. If your vinyl rig is on a certain level even the digitally sourced can sound better than the SACD‘s.

The Berlin Philharmonic website occasionally runs specials on specific recordings. If I see this item among them I’ll let you know.

Here are 2 other Beethoven Complete Symphonies LP sets currently available, both original analog recordings on 180g vinyl:
half speed mastered from the original analog tapes from 1977-79.
There’s a 10% off coupon code, so this set is about $53 less than the Bernstein & about $196 less than the Rattle, which includes a shipping charge.

I so enjoyed their 30day free ride I am giving serious consideration to dropping 150euro on the yearly as much as a thank you as for my enjoyment for a year. The Virtual Concert hall alone seems worth the price of admission.

Thank you for that. I’m happy you enjoyed it; so have I. Try the 5 Beethoven piano concertos with Mitsuku Uchida. Although I have several sets & individual recordings of these works, I found them so compelling I ordered the SACD set.

My pleasure! And for anyone else considering the subscription, here’s a link to a free “Test” concert they offer to make sure your connection and system work with it.
It’s Beethoven’s 4th conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. I see it as 4K Video 24/96 PCM via MacBook Pro and USB. I think it would be the same if I used Apple play and watched on the big screen and used Optical into the DAC.

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Great to have an experienced music man here…I’d be interested what you think about Reiner.

I recognized that from all recordings I had and have heard, I more or less accidentally kept just one Bartok recording. In my perception Reiner made a kind of military march or spectacle out of every romantic piece. I honestly don’t know why he got such merits, but I’m possibly alone.