Huron for DirectStream is live!

Hi all, it looks like Huron is live:

I’ve just updated and the update went fine.

Letting all the gear warm up before having a listen later


Alright my fellow audiophiles, Huron, the much anticipated OS for DirectStream is now live and available for free download.

You can also order the premade card here:

Junior will be next and we expect to post the Junior Huron upgrade next week. Hang tight.

Let’s use this thread for issues, opinions, general rambling on Ted’s latest creation.

One year in the making Ted’s outdone himself yet again.

  • 21dB lower noise floor (3dB in band, 18dB out of band)
  • Twice the upsample to DSD speed, from 10X to 20X
  • Extended high-frequency response
  • Extended low-frequency response
  • Cleaner, simpler filter design
  • Blacker backgrounds
  • Increased depth of soundstage
  • MQA ready (with Bridge II free upgrade)
  • Tidal ready (with Bridge II free upgrade and MConnect app)
  • Maximum volume set level (so it won't get too loud)
  • Split final upsampling filter to eliminate it in the DSD path
  • Lessened noise on DSD -> PCM or PCM -> DSD transitions.

Have fun and let us know.

Same here. Playing via roon with no volume, but updated without issue. Need to finish a work call and listen later :slight_smile:

Direct Link is Here

Paul , Ted,… Um What can I say. Wait a minute…happy-132_gifdancing-009_gifrespect-047_gifrespect-010_gif.

One of my favorite resent recording is Chris Stapleton " From A Room: Volume 1. I have listened to this CD 30 times since I bought it. I am amazed on how good this recording really is. I can hear Chris take a breath between verses. Truly outstanding. I am blown away. So much smoother as well. I am just shocked. Congrats guys! I’ll be surprised if there is more to uncover! I know I will not hold my breath for more.


After a very quick listen, I thought vocals were much improved. Much more relaxed sound (to my ears anyway) overall. Very different to Torreys so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people who prefer Torreys over Huron. I don’t think I will be one of them though.

Now back to some listening.

Oh my days. It’s exactly as Ted and Paul have described (for me).

The midrange, the bass, the top end detail but an overall smoothness that let’s you turn the music up and let it wash over you, as Ted wonderfully described.

And did I mention the midrange…

With a 4mb free update I have a new DAC and I like it a lot… :slight_smile:

Congrats and many thanks Gents

SWEEEEET! Great job! Immediate improvement on an already GREAT DAC! Bass! Clarity! Musicality! WOW! Thanks!happy-132_gifhappy-132_gifdancing-009_gifdancing-009_gif2guns_gif2guns_gif2guns_gif

Blasting it without waiting you patient peeps! Sounds freaking AWESOME!

Perhaps it will get more better with time, but it is better already!!!

Let me guess: You like it?

(I combined the three Huron threads into one, including the one I started and thread starting post, because I re-read Paul’s post and he contemplated a single thread. So here it is!)

Haha the frenzy! 120+ downloads in a matter of minutes.

After a pretty quick listen to a few songs I can say that I like it. A lot. Last thing I listens to was last night - The Beatles new version of Sgt Peppers so I listened to A Day in the Life and it sounds amazing. I “hear” the less noise and for sure the sweetness. There is no need to get used to it - it is just better from the start.

Great job and thanks for your dedication to this thing of ours :slight_smile:

In addition to my first post above (post #7) I know there are other FPGA DACs that have had firmware updates over the years but has there ever been a DAC that had such a major firmware upgrade to how it functions, performs and sounds, that the product webpage and tech specs webpage need to be majorly revised !

I don’t know if it’s the new 20x DSD up-sampling and other things but the smoothness and midrange and bass and detail (to my ears and highly subjective tastes) sounds similar to my friends much more expensive (and brilliant sounding) Playback Designs player. I think PD up-samples to a similar high rate too (~45MHz)

I’m using the brilliant Bridge II as the DS input and this major sonic upgrade has really put a big smile on my face.

I know these are early impressions but it only took me 3 tracks to know these improvements are not subtle at all :slight_smile:

I just loaded Huron and without my amps even being fully warmed up I can hear individual instruments in the orchestra better than before. There seems to be an increased clarity and accuracy of detail. I like it.

Upgrade was very easy. Could not have gone smoother. Now to find time to listen. Thanks for getting the release out tonight instead of tomorrow.

OMG. I can hardly wait. I was working out a deal in some 20.7s. Adding the new firmware… could I possibly OD??


Listening to (the amazingly free) Huron now and I must say I’m really impressed so far. Right now I have Dire Straits Making Movies playing. Skateaway, specifically, and the instrument separation is amazing. Thumping bass, crisp treble, incredible detail. It’s clearly better than Torreys. Holy s***! Well done Ted!!

Joseph Grogan said

I just loaded Huron and without my amps even being fully warmed up I can hear individual instruments in the orchestra better than before.

Welcome, Joseph!

There is one seriously major issue with Huron and it could damage all the equipment in the room and even worse, our hearing…

The increased desire to turn the volume up, even higher than before… :slight_smile: