Music for your Direct Stream DAC

Summer BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Sale is on!

Here’s how to get your free music!

Buy at least $20 worth of music in one order.
Receipts dated May 27, 2014 to June 30, 2014 apply.

Disc purchases can also request downloads of equal or lesser value.

Forward your paypal receipt to with name of songs or albums you’d like to have.

With your choices for music of lesser or equal value of the paypal receipt.

Give us 24 hours to send the links. We’ll send them to your email address.

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Blue Coast has some great stuff. If you like Mahler, they distribute the San Francisco Symphony’s Mahler cycle, which IIRC was recorded direct to DSD. LOOONG downloads in DSD, but worth it – I think the performances and recording are first-rate. They still have 20% off on the Mahler, so I’m not sure if the 2 for 1 offer would apply.

Edit: after posting the above, I noticed that the name of this label turned bold with a link to alpinesoft website. The automatic links run amuck again., a Norwegian company, has a lot of free DSD downloads: also has a free download with dsd files

another site you can try is, with a free dsd64/128 download:

This link can also be helpful for identifying good vinyl recordings that may also be available from premium download sites.

Also here, albums are also available on CD. Read the reviews and album notes.

There are some freebee tracks for download if you scrounge around his site a bit. [ mp3 but gives an idea, lotsa punch]

While we’re talking about Free Music, don’t forget the new “Just Listen” section of the Native DSD.Com web site.

They have several selections in resolutions from single rate DSD (DSD64) all the way up to quad rate DSD (DSD256) - all free. Nice…