New DS owner, share your experience of the DAC running in from new?

Thanx Ted…

Suggestion… I just found out Toslink optical won’t pass higher rez like 176.4khz and 192khz files on my Junior. You may want to publish this in your owner’s manual. I found the spec online in your product description… but wasted some time trouble shooting with the manual.

I am just playing around with different setups and playing some high rez files and ran into this problem. I thought optical would be “better” due to avoiding ground loops or flow. I am trying XLR digital input now.

Those of you who like to A/B/C etc should check out a Mutec device; I use the 1.2. It is passing all bit rates I threw at it so far. I connect it to my Windows computer via USB using a Mutec driver (that has a window showing the sample rate). The back of the Mutec then presents a live signal to a bunch of different outputs… no switching required. From there I go to my Junior, Accuphase, and Benchmark DACs. Each of the DACs go to PrimaLuna HP Integrated. Foobar on the PC (free!!).
So I can play a tune in Foobar and the same signall, bit-for-bit, is passed to all three DACs at the same time. No need to restart a tune, you just select.

Keep in mind when you A/B two products, you must level match them first. I noted above I use an old Realistic sound pressure meter and play a 1Khz tone… very easy to do.

Bruce in Philly