New DS owner unfamiliar with it

After using a Direct Link Dac for many years, I just purchased a PW DAC upgraded to DS from TMR. Hooked it up yesterday with coax from BluOs streamer. First question is the volume on the DAC will not stay up. It constantly reverts back to 50% from 90 therefore not producing much sound. DAC is connected to my PreAmp. System is older English made Musical Fidelity Pre and Amp.
Also I can’t make any changes on filters or resolutions. It just stays at 44/16 bits.
Does this DAC stay very warm in standbye?
I admit to being a novice with this new streaming tech.


Grab a DirectStream DAC manual off of the PSA site and peruse it. It will be worth your time.

Re: Volume - the manual will provide instructions for setting default settings and alleviating your 50% volume issue.

Re: Changes on Filters and Resolutions - The DirectStream DAC does not allow you to change filters or resolutions. It displays the specifications of what it is receiving.

Hope this helps some.

Welcome to the DS club and the forum.


If it has the “bridge”. Remove it and the problem goes away. I had the same issue. Enjoy. It’s the best damned $2k DAC on the market IMHO.


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Thanks. I had DL’d the PW manual instead of the DS.

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Thanks. I had the wrong manual. The thing I have noticed is my streaming music is coming out of a black dead silent background. I agree with you about the price. Now I need to figure out how to establish the bridge on my LAN. Is it only by ethernet cord?

“Is it only by ethernet cord?“


The Bridge is essentially a network access card and it has no wireless capability.

Combined with the DS Sr. DAC you have a very, very capable streamer.

Congratulations on your purchase.

Have fun!

You cannot.change filters on ds.dac. the resolution will change according to the source material (when you play high res, you see the display change).

It is a fantastic dac. Enjoy!

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Consider the variety of firmware available the equivalent to changing filters. I’m on the latest/last. Sunlight


Good point.

I’m on Sunlight also. Thanks.

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I prefer the Windom. nice dynamic, rich, full natural sound

As stated, I purchased a used DS dac. It is labeled a Perfect Wave DAC and has a small raised label on the back left side that says Direct Stream DAC. It is supposed to be upgraded from PW to DS. I have really been enjoying it. It has gotten me back to listening to music. I just got an email that the refurbed MK 1’s price has been lowered. My question is, is the MK1 an improvement over the DS? Is there much difference? If so I might buy the refurb MK1 and sell my DS.
Everyone has been very helpful on here.

If I understand the history of the unit you have correctly, there should be no performance differences between the refurbished DS Sr. (MK I) DACs and your upgraded PW (now DS Sr.).

In theory, they are the functionally the same product.

If you want to make sure you have the most up to date components in your DAC, it is possible you could benefit in the long run with the newer kit. Otherwise, if you are running the latest firmware on your PW/DS Sr. you have the latest and greatest (more or less).

Murkily yours.



Thank you. I didn’t know if DS and DS MK1 were the same or the MK1 was an improvement over DS. It’s running Sunlight firmware 5.0.0.

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That is the MK1 firmware, so I would assume you have the MK1 DAC… Mine will be here Monday. Cannot wait!