Dac output issue

I am having a problem with the outputs on my direct stream dac. About 2 months ago, the optical and USB outputs stopped working. The only solution was to unplug the dac and reboot it. Now that doesn’t even work. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am using the USB from my Roon Nucleus and the Optical comes from the TV.

Not to be a smart ass but the only outputs on the Directrstream DAC are either rca unbalanced or xlr balanced. USB is an input as is rca spdif aesebu spdif HDMI i2s and toslink optical.

Sorry, I meant the inputs

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I would start by installing other firmware and trying it out. And then returning to your current firmware.

I’ll give that a try. Thank you Elk

I am not sure what you mean. I assume you meant the inputs? DS has no optical and USB outputs.

Sorry Paul, I meant the inputs. Someone suggested I try a different firmware and then reload windom. I’m going to try that this afternoon. Thanks