New LS50s hit the street

That was fast. The metamaterial is in the LS50. And new finishes too. Very nice. Very VERY nice.

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Thanks, I have a friend who literally was going to place an order today for the old model. Good timing!

Very cool. MAT sounds interesting. I’m sure they’ll sell like hot cakes.

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Does this mean their whole lineup is in for the Meta revamp?

According to Steve Guttenberg, the Meta technology is starting with the LS50 and will trickle up into their other ranges, Blade, etc…

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I have the LS50 Wireless I and I honestly don’t know how I can resist not getting the new LS50W II.

So glad they ditched USB input.

The white paper is interesting.

KEF LS50 Meta

Ouch, I like how they show them literally against the wall within a book case!