New MSB Cascade

The new MSB DAC


Very sexy!

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Cool! But isn’t it weird that the ladder DAC modules look so much like the ones in that new LAiV DAC?

I found interesting that Cascade DAC on this:

One of those vital and unique technologies is the Cascade-Link. Based on modern diode laser fiber optics, the Cascade-Link is a noise free, high bandwidth data river specifically designed to feed the insatiable hunger of the Hybrid DAC MKII’s in the Analog Converter without conducting any upstream electrical noise.

Looks like MSB is using fiber-optic as their best link. Many believe the best digital connection is still metal cable. IME, the best ethernet cable is indeed better than their FO link between Lumin U2 and LHY switch.

MSB probably brings it to the next level.

Looks to be most promising, but at what cost?

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I am afraid the old adage, “if you have to ask”, probably applies.


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Just curious. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face:

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I’m very happy with DS MK2 and I believe there is no DAC would be more than 10 times better. Maybe a non-human with an extremely sensitive hearing could appreciate it.:laughing:


Considering the Select DAC is $115,000 the $95,000 price seems surprisingly low. Out of my reach regardless, but from the release information it comes across as a significant step up within the MSB line.

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And doesn’t even spin discs :wink:

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Yes, I am laughing :slight_smile:

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If the pricing follows MSB’s prior philosophy then the $95k is a “bare bones” model and then “add-on” modules will cause the price to increase dramatically.

I agree. I think $95k is way low. Maybe just for the DAC unit then add all the other modules like that power supply! That power supply is a masterpiece!!

I am pretty sure I am getting this vs the MSB. I need a new toy. It’s a lifetime/endgame purchase for me.


read this last night and watched MSB’s video, had nightmare about spinning into a black hole


When I read about products such as this I think of it the same as way I do when reading supercar reviews. Fascinating mental exercise but having little to do with the real world.


95k is for the whole ensemble. They repositioned the pricing.

Maybe in the future we will see another iteration that goes above USD100k

I already have my Cascade in the production queue. Took the leap of faith


Besides msb I know that Playback Designs also went optical for their umbilicals. And it was Ted’s wish for the obsidian dac project.

Msb took it to another level and separated:
-digital processing in one box
-conversion and analog stage in another box (IIRC, just like the obsidian project)
-analog power supply in the third box.

Let’s see how it sounds!


Sounds interesting! When I finish my trip to the moon I’ll put in an order.:rocket:

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