New PS Audio speakers?


Is the DSP still only planned for the sub or are you open to including it for the midbass too?


I am so very curious to see some more of those stunning renderings or even prototype pictures of the future speakers! Anything that can be shared?


Yes! I would love to see some updates on the new speakers!

I wonder how the design team is doing this, like do they work on all 3 at the same time so they all share the same sound signature?

I’m patiently waiting for the AN-3. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The good news is all three models of speakers use the same drivers so once we get one designed the next two will be easier. Right now waiting on the arrival of prototype cabinets and drivers. The 12” woofers with their accelerometers are here. Check out this beast with it’s 2.5” voice coil, stout and large surround, and heavy cast frame. A real brute.


Very nice!

What’s the excursion on that thing? Big beefy surround :slight_smile:


I’m in the market for new speakers and anxiously awaiting. Any chance they will be available in 2019?


What is the cone material, aluminum?


Reminds me on my subwoofer chassis :wink:


That there is Right Purdy! : )


AN2 for me for sure. As long as they are under 22K


Thanks so much for the updates, Paul!

The woofer unit looks very beefy! I might missed some of the posts earlier, so as you said, all three speakers are sharing the drivers, including the subwoofer driver?

That’s so much for sharing the progress with us, really appreciate it. It would be fantastic if you could post updates like this! :heart_eyes:


Small timer here but I’m in for $10k :grin:


Paul, what was the reason you didn’t plan the biggest ones as separate columns just like IRS or Genesis?

Some reasons pro and con come into my mind but I’m not sure what would win…


Paul - though an individual may not own an iPhone, chances are at least one person in the household has an iphone …and a willingness to lend for a brief time. I’m sure EQ’ing your speakers is a rare enough event that this wont be a problem. I think.


Not an accurate assumption.

55% U.S. smartphone subscribers use a Google Android device. In the EU, it is 65%.

No one in my extended family has an iPhone.


Well, now I know where we stand … I would have thought we were your extended family. Sniff. :cry:


Yeah - I’ve heard Vivids sound pretty good… but the aesthetics are a non-starter.


Hi Paul and team… Merry Christmas!

First post here but have been following the development of the AN series speakers for some time and watch your daily videos almost everyday! :wink:

Now, based on one of your latest videos on speaker placement, and if we can get them close to the wall, I would like to 100% support that idea, AT LEAST for the smallest speaker AN3. BY FAR, the distance to the wall is the number one issue of placement, wife acceptance factor, and ability to have a full range speaker in condos! This is a massive issue for me living in a dense city with only apartments being an option of living… I can possibly fit a 4-5ft speaker in my living space, IF it can be placed close to the wall!!! I know it’s not ideal, it would ruin the imaging, etc… but we simply have no choice.

So, I applaud the effort to try and design a set of speakers that could be placed close to the back wall! I think that should be the primary goal of the AN3 design, and would substantially increase its appeal and potential sales! Now, I wonder what techniques, DSP, etc… could be used to make that possible?

Thanks for the great job you all are doing and Happy New Year! Can’t wait to audition these sometime soon!


Thanks. Yes, we’re certainly going to investigate the possibility because it’s one of the big sticking points in high end audio and one I’d love to be able to solve. Very few homes are able to accommodate speakers removed from the rear wall which means they
either don’t get the speakers or they don’t work to their full potential if they do. Neither is a good solution.


Are you considering having the firmware/software in the speakers upgradeable?