New PS Audio speakers?


For sure from a general engineering standpoint bracing is more effective (and can be more expensive) than thick walls. But in the bass section we don’t see if it’s braced or not…probably it is…and at least for a ribbon midrange section bracing is not mandatory I’d say…although it might make the whole cabinet even more dead anyway.


The AN3s are 200 pounds each?
What is the estimate of the weight of the AN2 and AN1?


Thanks. We’ve been through the gamut of what works and what doesn’t, what’s practical and what isn’t. When I was at Genesis we solved the problem by going to a round enclosure which leverages the strength of the arch. At the end of the day you just don’t want
the cabinet to sing. In the new AN series we’ve relied upon brute weight and strength. That cabinet is admirably dead which is what we need.

Inside the woofer box there are no extra braces. Here the thick walls and non parallel walls get the job done.

In the end we will have to run our tests to make sure our designs work. To do that we have to play the speaker at high pressure levels and feel the cabinet. We may even use an accelerometer to measure it if it seems necessary but in the beginning
it’s pretty easy to just use your hand.

What I can tell you is that when we’re done you won’t have to worry about a singing cabinet.


Fortunately the AN2 isn’t significantly taller so it’ll probably gain another 50 pounds. The AN1, however, will be well in excess of 300 pounds bordering on 400 each.


Nothing lowers the resonant frequency and adds stiffness like adding mass. The only thing better than MDF / HDF would probably be concrete but it might have acceptance issues. :grin:


Paul, the cabinets look fantastic. My TAD’S take a similar approach with rounded thick cabinets. Their mid/HF driver has a suspension built in to avoid vibration from the woofer. Have you considered anything like this?


I’m Glad the AN2 won’t be too much heavier. Do you happen to have a rear view on the AN3 enclosure Paul that you can post?



Paul, I understand AN3 is 49“ tall including the spikes and the base, right?

Can you tell how tall AN2 is without spikes and base, just the cabinet?


Hello Paul, has a decisioni bene Made on the LFE input? Do yo have the Final mocks for the AN-2? and last but not least, Will the amplifier have a 110/230 switch or will you have separate models for the European market? (actually are you planning on having an European model at all?).
Apologies, lots of questions…
Greetings, Renato.


If the AN3 is 49" tall the man in the picture must be a giant! Are you sure you didn’t mean the AN2 is 49" tall?


I can’t wait to see the AN2 see the light of day! And ready to ship info!!


I thought the opposite…that Paul’s son must be quite short, as the 49“ go near his breast…but it’s all a strange perspective I guess.


Maybe it is not immediately obvious, but all you had to do was not using it…
Moreover, even if an LFE, which would connect just with the sub-woofer, was badly crossed over, what possible damage could it make? bad sound? What would need to be done to correct he problem? Set speakers as large and that is it? Why would that be a major issue?


They are wild … lol didn’t just listen to them so I can tell about the sound etc … but they get hold of the man :smile:


What would the estimated sensitivity and impedance end up around these “Pure Sound” (see what I did there) works of art be?


Hoping for low to mid 90s for sensitivity and 4Ω for impedance.


Thank you @Paul. Already planning to vacate the area in preparation for their birthing. That will be a fantastic pair for a very clean, sophisticated and sublime experience.


Please voice them with the Stellar too. Not just the BHK.


Well, that’s the smallest speaker we see here? But it suits to make Europe demo here


Thanks. I think you’ll be thrilled. Can’t wait! On a short vacation right now sucking up some sun on Aruba but back in the saddle Tuesday morning and ready to roll. First step is completing the subwoofer DSP and servo systems as we wait for the AMT midrange
to make its appearance.