HIFI Power Outlets?

At a gathering of audiophile friends, I was surprised to find myself singularly ambivalent about wall outlets. When I had my dedicated 20 amp lines installed, I had them use “hospital grade” outlets for the better grip.
But everyone seemed certain that outlets can “sound” different.
Is that possible?
Any opinions?

As you know, I have a 15A to 20A NEMA adapter on the female end of the power cord feeding my P20….I’m not entitled to an opinion on this topic.

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I am surprised @Elk and the other mods./admins. let you post here at all.




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I have two varieties, one moderately priced and one very expensive. I can’t tell a difference between either or a $2.70 cent model for that matter. I am guessing I just don’t want to hear a difference. But they are installed and paid for so I am going to keep them.

Try to sell me another though.

The ones that Kitsune sells for $38 are my favorites. They sound exactly the same as the brand they are copying. Spend $38.


I use Furutech receptacles. The big issue is the ability of the receptacle to firmly grip the plug.

I suppose you can compare these outlets if you have two circuits and have a different outlet on each circuit. I don’t know anybody that went through the trouble of doing this, so I can only speculate if you would hear any differences. I believe if you use at least hospital grade outlets, any audiophile outlets will not matter much if any. If someone has done some comparisons, please enlighten us. I do know someone who actually connected a power cord to the bare wires of a curcuit bypassing the outlet alltogether and swear it sounds much better than having a outlet in the path. He also takes out the fuses of his power conditioner and use a solid silver wire for the bypass and swears that sound better. I can’t begin to tell all the stories of this dealer, yes he started out selling laser discs, then DVDs, and was into high end audio also. He is since out of business.

I suppose he had a fire sale?


Yes, I knew that, Dale.
But someone would have had to get me pretty liquored up for me to reveal that bit of information about you.
And there you go just blabbin it out in publik…

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A few years back, I went from a hospital grade outlet to a PS Audio Power Port Classic. I could hear a difference for the better with the Power Port. It was slight, but there. Best described as going from a good power cable to a slightly better power cable.