New Sprout Pricing - bundle with speakers?

I saw that the price of Sprout was reduced to $499 in order to encourage more younger listeners to buy it.

Have you not considered bundling the Sprout with some suitable high efficiency speakers?

I think this might be more attractive to many of the buyers you are targeting: the idea would be “just add a turntable or smartphone and you have high quality sound”.

Your thoughts?

Yes, it has crossed our minds many times but we haven’t made the right connections to pull this off - either the speakers are too expensive, too cheap, or if we find something awesome, they are only sold independently. It’s not easy creating bundles but the idea is on our minds and the suggestion you make exactly spot on.

May I suggest pairing with Zu Omens or Golden Ear Triton 7, both are floor standers and efficient enough to rock with the Sprout’s 50 watts.

I really like Sprout except for one glaring omission, a Toslink digital input. All flat screens now use Toslink digital for an audio interface. Sprout is great for music, but why limit your customers like that? Millennials, or the majority of anyone else for that matter want to run their TV’s audio through their sound system. Maybe in Sprout 2, that could be fixed.

I love the idea of Sprout and with the price drop should be a no brainer. I applaud PS Audio making hifi available to the masses, and I wish you much success in this endeavor.


The optical input suggestion makes great sense.

The speakers you suggest are great bang/buck, but at ~ $1,500/pair are much more expensive than this market is going to embrace. The GoldenEar Aon 2 at half the price is still pushing it, but also a great speaker for the money.

The Pioneer SP-BS22-LR at $125/pair will astonish most neophytes and are almost free in the world of audiophilia.

longhorn, I think it was a space consideration. Note that you can get a Toslink to coaxial adaptor and use the Sprout’s coax input. The Sprout automatically switches between active digital inputs, which can be an issue if using both USB and coax inputs (a manual selector would have been nice).

Thanks, did not know you can run an adapter to the digital coax, because its digital should not be any degradation to sound.

Regarding speakers, Wyred4Sound did a bundle deal with its MINT integrated and Martin Logan X35T bookshelf speakers. W4S admitted the packages didn’t sell as fast as they thought though.