Sprout100 and Goldenear Pairing

I’ve owned a pair of Goldenear Triton 7 about 3 years. I have always enjoyed them but felt that they were lacking in some fashion, like I wasn’t getting the best out of them. They never gave me the 3D soundstage and tone that audio reviewers have raved about. I think that is partially due to the fact that I paired them with a Onkyo RZ800 receiver and not an audiophile quality component. The combination seemed to have the power and volume just none of those next level qualities. It seems that synergy sometimes is just as important as the quality of the components as well. The room they are used in is approximately 12x18, untreated with medium dampening from curtains, large rugs, and large cloth furniture. The speakers are 1.5 feet out into the room and about 7 feet from the listening position. My question for everyone out there in the PS Audio community who has a combination like this, is the Sprout100 and goldnear a good pairing? For these speakers is it better to spend a little more and get a higher end used integrated? I was also thinking about selling the goldenears for KEF LS50 to use with the Sprout or getting the KEF LS50 wireless. I’ve owned the passive LS50s but only used them with the onkyo receiver which again was not allowing them to shine. For that pairing I felt the goldenears to be a better match so I sold the LS50s. I mainly listen to rock, classic rock and acoustic music but not crazy loud volumes 60-70db. I’ve been watching Paul’s videos since the beginning and have always been eager to join the PS Audio family which is why I’m considering the sprout, I can not afford the stellar line at the moment. Any help or advice from anyone would be much appreciated. Thank you

I would spend the money on room treatments before upgrading components.

In my experience HT receivers sound awful. I would get rid of it ASAP.

Yeah. What @cxp says. Save your pennies for the Stellar. Or find something used.


Remember you can always get a Sprout and trade it in later for Stellar :slight_smile:

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I was astounded by the difference the Sprout100 was over my Denon AV receiver. I got a pair of Martin Logan 35XT’s and connected them to the Denon…sounded pretty good…got the Sprout100 2 days later and hooked that up. Night and day. Sprout had depth, soundstage, and clarity. Made the Denon sound like a toaster. Have moved on to Stellar, but yeah, dump the AV gear. The Sprout will make the Goldenears sound like new.

Thank you everyone for your replies. It’s truly appreciated. I think I will get the sprout100 and see if I can revive my triton 7s. If I can save up the cash maybe trade the sprout100 in within a year and upgrade to a stellar stack.