“Sprout Speakers”?

So in a recent “Ask Paul” he mentioned “new Sprout Speakers”. Any hints as to what, when, and how much???

We modified the first pair to add newer and better drivers, reduced the cabinet size by about 20%, and await the Golden Samples that should arrive sometime near the end of this month. Then we have to voice the crossover, and then set them for production. So, you’ll probably see something in the first or second quarter of 2019. Our hopeful price is between $600 and $1000 for the pair depending on how pricey the parts finally come in at.

Thank you, Paul. I had been contemplating adding speakers to my Sprout 100 for the family room (it’s currently in service as a phono stage to my Peachtree 220 for LS50 amplification in my listening “closet”) but now I suppose I shall have to wait and see. I guess now the decision shifts from speakers to whether or not to use that budget on a NuWave phono stage while I still can. Hmmmmmmm

Is this still a thing?

Well, that’s a good question. It’s been noted that they went on the back burner (way back…) while they work on the AN3 speakers. One of my little pet peeves with PSA is the dismissal of such a large demographic of sales for them (Sprout buyers), but I’m sure they are looking into things. Paul seems to have a lot on his plate these days.

Sorry to learn that they’ve been deprecated. I would be very interested in a nice pair of bookshelf speakers matched for the Spout.

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