New Streamer to Support Tidal w/o using Roon?

Downsized, sold off all my separates and going w/ a minimalist approach that includes an integrated amp / DAC [Hegel H590] and streaming only via Tidal HiFi+. Unfortunately the Hegel does not support Tidal and I have been using a Bluesound Node 2i w/ LPS as my streamer. Looking for new streamer only. Thinking Innuos Pulse Mini, Aurender N150, Lumin U2 Mini and AirLens. Would like to do Tidal HiFi+ streaming only. Any thoughts, suggestions to meet my goal? The AirLens looks very interesting. Is it possible to use TIDAL Connect without using Roon with the AirLens?

Thanks Much for your comments

I understand the answer is, “yes”.

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Roon is not needed. My downsizing situation is similar, I used a Blue Node 2i for about three years with Tidal and was pretty satisfied with BluOS and streaming quality. My PSA Airlens was delivered on 11/24/23 and after adjusting or turning off the Rel T7x subs, has immediately improved the sound in EVERY aspect. The bass with Airlens was overwhelming before the sub adjustment. Instructions on how to use Tidal Connect with Airlens needs improvement. After Airlens is connected to your router, you MUST open/play a song in Tidal Connect before you can see Airlens as a playback device. In the Tidal Connect App at the top of the screen (Android phone) you will see a playback device name or icon. Click on it and you will see Airlens listed. You will not find Airlens in Tidal Connect any other way. I love the Airlens so far. My system truly sounds incredible.
Equipment: PSA Airlens connected to PSA DSD MkI (using PSA HDMI cable via I2S), Coda CSiB v1 integrated amp, Mosaic Acoustics, Illumination Reference speakers (built by Dale Pitcher), 2 Rel T7X subs. Other than HDMI, all cabling is Audio Envy (great cables).

Once you figure it out Tidal Connect is easy to use with Airlens. Nough said.

Thanks much for your detailed response, which is very good news!!