New Technics SU-R1000 integrated

I just read the press release and watched a
video on the tech they’re introducing. There is digital processing in practically every stage. It’s the complete the opposite of most all analog-first houses.

A couple of notes…

  1. Distortion removal strategy feeds back only the distortion to correct
  2. Digital phono EQ based on a tuning record with profiles
  3. DAC does jitter correction on an upsampled signal
  4. I’m really digging the VU meters
  5. Digital speaker impedance and phase matching system
  6. SMPS operating at fixed 500khz switching speed

I’m looking forward to some reviews.


Long ago and far away I had some Technics gear that made my jaw drop. It was just so darned good. I’d be fine if that happened again. I have a special place in my heart for that Brand.


I have also had good experiences with the brand.

I enjoy how the new SU-R1000 still looks like a piece of Technics kit. They did a nice job of including the brand’s styling cues.


My old Technics SU-V303 integrated amp was a work of art and one of the most solidly built pieces of electronics I’ve ever owned. Sold aways back tho.

Technics , I still have my old SA 1000 receiver.
I should dig it out of storage and see how it sounds, however it weighs 100 pounds but I should at least find a place to display it.I love the way those old Technics receivers looked.
I believe technics used all MOSFETs in their designs back in the day, a nice warm sound from what I remember.

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