No DSD Jnr in 2020 Catalogue?

how come it ain’t in the catalogue??


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Whaaaaaaat??? Why? The DSD senior is too expensive. I was hoping to get a Jnr

I heard that certain parts in the Jr are no longer available from OEMs.

There’s the option of gently used

mmm not if they aren’t repairable

No moving parts and yes they are repairable

DSD Jr. was discontinued over a year and a half ago. PS Audio ran dry on a couple key components for the DSJ and decided it was time for an upgrade to the Junior. Once Ted finishes the TSS they will start working on the next iteration of the DSJ.

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I understand your dilemma. If I were you I would look to the used market and try to find a DSD senior or something like that. If the plan is to do a new Jr. after the TSS, I would think that would be quite a bit of time from now.

Just my thoughts. Good luck in your search.

Is there a current expected availability of TSS, and then next-gen Sr and Jr? I know estimates are always faulty but does anyone who follows the TSS threads know what the current estimate is?

Unfortunately, TSS had to get pushed into the future more than we would like. The new version of DS is arriving mid 2021 and that has delayed scheduling. Also, we’ve been struggling with chassis decisions on the new TSS line of products. We had a pretty cool chassis solution we were going with - one we showed at Axpona several times - but the more we looked at it the less we liked it. It just didn’t have the feel, didn’t convey what we wanted. We hired an amazing world class industrial designer to lend their hand and eye to it and that process took forever. But now, it’s finalized.


So does this mean, that there will be an update to DSD Sr (let’s say: MKII) by mid 2021?

With Tariff Man headed out the door, maybe this helps with supply chain?

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Here is one at the Music Room in black. They have a silver one also.