DS Junior discontinued?

Hi! At one dealers website it says that the DS Junior will be discontinued!
True or false?
If true, what about future upgrades? The upgrades was a very important argument When I invested in the DS J Dac, I love it! Hang on!
Best regards, Toby

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What upgrades? I never saw any marketing that DSJ was intended to be upgradeable, except for the software.

I think he means the software.

Sorry, I meant the software upgrades, Snowmass…

If they are going to continue with DS Senior upgrades it would make sense for them to port any upgrades over to DSJ.

With the TSS coming it would make sense for them to drop one of the DAC’s from the product range. And the sensible one to drop would be DSJ. You’d want clear performance gaps in the DAC range, and you probably achieve the biggest gaps in dropping DSJ. Entry level Stellar, mid level DS, and top level TSS.

Honestlty I cant imagine any improvement after the snowmass…I mean…really.


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I’ve hot a hunch that resources would be prioritized at tweaking TSS over where things are now with other products.

All I would hope is that the product is supported with firmware updates, as needed.

That doesn’t normally happen when products go end-of-life…DSJ might be an exception, wait and see.

For the most part, the DSJ performs at the necessary level for my needs. The only recent faux pas was the Bridge 2 - 3.6.17 update. I still hope they roll out FPGA updates, since that was a big draw to buying this unit. It wouldn’t take much more effort over the DS Sr updates. PS Audio was built on customer support, and a loyal following.

Your dealer was correct, we will be saying goodbye to the DSJ once inventory runs out - we ran dry on a couple key components for the DSJ and decided it was time for an upgrade to the Junior. Once Ted finishes the TSS we’ll roll up our sleeves and start working on the next iteration of the DSJ.

The good news is the DSJ will continue to be supported and updated. Anytime DS Senior gets an update, the DSJ will also get one. This is a promise we’re committed to. Ted still has improvements and updates planned for the DS and DSJ, so this will continue as normal.

And a bit of extra good news: we’ll continue our policy of offering great trade-in/trade-up opportunities. If you’ve got a DSJ and want to upgrade to the new model (or to a DS Senior), we’ll make the process as seamless as possible.


Hmm the DSJ seemed to have a short life. I guess digital is changing fast.

End of life on parts in this area is not out of the ordinary. I would suspect that shortly Conversdigital will announce EOL on the current Bridge II board version and announce an upgraded version with the newer improved USB and SPDIF modules now on the market along with more powerful processors.

So regardless of the end-to-life, Ted is gonna still work his magic basically until we’ve run out of Fourteeners? :slight_smile:

It gives me a good reason to trade up to what’s next although I cant imagine something that would sound better than my DSJr.


Not for us outside of the USA though :persevere:

It depends on your market. Some distributors are very good with PS Audio trade-up deals and almost parity pricing.

How about DS senior ? Will be discontinued as well?

I agree. One has to wonder was the past sale an effort to clean out inventory. I hope not.

Someday DS will need to be replaced too, but that day appears to be far in the distance and not something he/we are are working on. But, if/when it does then work on the existing platforms will cease and we roll our sleeves on the new platform.

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