No music from laptop

Hi all. I came home after several months and I can’t get my laptop to stream my music thru jriver. My current setup is laptop ->matrix->I2S->DSD. I have tried reboots/ going direct USB to DSD and continue to get this ASIO driver issue. It happens on all formats. Can you provide any help? Thanks Tim.

Ok. So I realized that I was using the matrix supported driver so I went direct USB and flipped to PSaudios usb driver / flipped my settings back to DOP. This all works. So it seems it is the matrix driver.

Has anyone had to reinstall the matrix driver or is this a sign of something more problematic?

Well spotted with the ASIO driver Tim. I don’t recall having to reinstall the driver myself. I recently updated from Win10 to 11 and, much to my surprise, Windows didn’t break the driver! :smirk:

My only thought is to visit the Matrix Audio downloads page and check the current driver version. Probably wouldn’t hurt to download anyway and reinstall (or remove and install).

Next step is to reboot the matrix. I have yet to do that. Let’s see if I can remember to flip the driver back. Lol.

Ok. Figured it out. I had to completely power off the matrix and bring it back up. I did everything but the matrix and life is now perfect again. Or sort of. You know

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