JRiver > Matrix > Directstream driver question

All I did was disconnect my old WW Silver Starlight for a day and then hook my new Platinum Silver up and JRiver doesn’t see the Directstream. I messed around with the JRiver drivers and now I’m confused as to which one I was originally using. Is it the Matrix ASIO or the Perfectwave USB ASIO driver.

The Matrix drivers to talk to the Matrix. JRiver can’t see the DS thru the Matrix.


Never mind…I’m just a dumbass :^ / Last week I was comparing 2 sets of IC’s from my Directstream to pre-amp and when I disconnected one pair my pre ended up on the wrong input.

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There is no hardware that can send signals from the DS to JRiver if you are using the Matrix in between them. If you are using the Bridge or USB to the DS you may be able to get info back to JRiver from the DS. AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLink and I2S all only send sample data one way and don’t have any wires or protocols to do send info back. If you were accidentally using USB to the DS instead of the Matrix you could have gotten info back and needed the PS Audio USB driver.


Yeah…for a minute I thought maybe I had blown the Matrix I2S output or something from plugging/unplugging while power was on.