JRiver > Matrix > Directstream driver question

All I did was disconnect my old WW Silver Starlight for a day and then hook my new Platinum Silver up and JRiver doesn’t see the Directstream. I messed around with the JRiver drivers and now I’m confused as to which one I was originally using. Is it the Matrix ASIO or the Perfectwave USB ASIO driver.

The Matrix drivers to talk to the Matrix. JRiver can’t see the DS thru the Matrix.


Never mind…I’m just a dumbass :^ / Last week I was comparing 2 sets of IC’s from my Directstream to pre-amp and when I disconnected one pair my pre ended up on the wrong input.

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There is no hardware that can send signals from the DS to JRiver if you are using the Matrix in between them. If you are using the Bridge or USB to the DS you may be able to get info back to JRiver from the DS. AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLink and I2S all only send sample data one way and don’t have any wires or protocols to do send info back. If you were accidentally using USB to the DS instead of the Matrix you could have gotten info back and needed the PS Audio USB driver.

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Yeah…for a minute I thought maybe I had blown the Matrix I2S output or something from plugging/unplugging while power was on.

Forgive me for writing my very first forum post to you but my enquiry is in connection with the matrix audio x spdif ii and jriver.

I am running jriver 26 on my intel nuc fed via the matrix to my new Topping D90 dac ( which is superb).

Currently I have usb out to matrix then AES to the DAC. I would like to try the i2S (hdmi) but I cannot get any sound when I ccccmake the connection.

Now I am a complete novice with this sort of thing and seek help with the audio output format settings on jriver to get it to feed the correct format of data to make sound at the dac.

I will add a link to Topping which includes informationon how it sets iis.

I have in majority wav and flac files. I was hoping to upscale, plus if I can find DSD tracks to buy thenI will do so.

Topping link: shorturl.at/suEJ8
Matrix manual link here: shorturl.at/bhjn2

Best to all

Tha Dude


I have a very old version of JRiver for Mac and I no longer own a Matrix, so please take this with a grain of salt. In JRiver, go to:

Tools > Options > Audio > Settings > Bitstreaming

Make sure there is a check mark next to “DSD” and that things look something like this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.05.32 PM

I hope this helps. Good luck.

Sorry, from the Head-Fi forum I found this,
"Topping Support said:
We confirm that the IIS interface of D90 and the output IIS of Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 are incompatible and cannot be used together, because the 15 Pin and 16 Pin of Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 are communicated by using IIC bus. As far as we know, there are few products with such settings. However, our 14/15 and 16 Pin only indicate some simple info by voltage level. Most products with IIS interface in the market are set in this way. For example, Singxer SU-1/ SU-6 and Gustard U16.

As mute indication, our 16 Pin of IIS interface can be directly connected to NC pin. We design the pin to be used with our own other products, but it does not affect the use of other products with NC Pin."

See post #137 https://www.head-fi.org/threads/topping-d90.926531/page-10

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Thanks robwilgus,

That puts me out of my misery. I am very grateful to you and would never have known. I have seen the diagrams of the hdmi pins for iis on these products and it makes sense that if there is not a standard that all manufacturers follow then this will happen. Very much like the independence of mains plugs around the globe.

Still I have great sound via AES, but as you may read on the Topping site the spdif formats limit at 192khz. USB runs up to the DSD512 standard.

I remember when I first heard the matrix spdif ii that I felt there was a noticeable gain from its reclocking of the usb signal and I of course read of the aledged improvement with iis evn if certain science testing audiophile sites disagree. Fortunately my D90 purchase was not based on the availability of iis alone but because of the Dacs quality.

So plan B will be to experiment with usb to D90 with no matrix spdif ii and see if there is improvement or degredation.

I may drop Shenzhen Audio a line and see if they know of an alternative usb reclocker. It could be that I may not need one. I will report back.

Equally there is provision to move from jriver to roon, hq player euphony, audio linux etc. Certainly won’t be Audiovarna on Windows. Worked great on Mac will not touch the ‘new’ not working one.

Thanks again

The Dude

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Thanks bootzilla,

I have found your efforts on the forum really helpful. Seems I am defeated by technology! You will see in my reply below a few options I am considering, so please, all advice very welcome.

Thanks again

The Dude

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Ha ha…let me guess. Audio Science Review! I don’t listen to a word that dude says.

I know! Controversial we could say! It’s a very weird forum. I’ve been nuc based for a couple of years following a hackintosh laptop with audirvana. Before that Logitech Squeezebox Touch.

I have Audiophile Optimizer on Win 10 Pro. It makes a huge difference even without the more desirable win server OS and a control pc.

That’s basically what I use except I use Fidelizer Plus. The Touch was also my first streaming option.

Something I discovered which may help future readers is the firmware update for the Topping D90 DAC features pdf for jriver and foobar settings and covers what to do for DSD. So I now have nuc to dac via usb, no matrix, better up to date chip, better sound quality!