Computer driver question

So this is dumb. But I need input. :grinning:. So I was fiddling w Fidelizer yesterday and I muted my volume on my laptop. You know - go down to the right hand corner and hit mute for the speakers. Well what I find is it also mutes my audio out my usb. Is this correct or am I using an incorrect driver in jriver???

Well. I may have found my answer. In jriver under the devices option - there is a choice of volume control. I am using the matrix asio driver … and the volume option was set to β€˜first available β€˜. My options were either x spdif for the matrix or real player. I picked x- spdif. Now the usb plays outbound music while laptop is muted. Weird. I think I got some windows update as I had brought the network up for a time.

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