PS Audio Sprout100 Mechanical Noise

Hi there!

I am now using my second Sprout100 because the first one was defective as it would not turn off.
I was also hoping that the second one did not suffer from that loud high-mid pitch (or so) mechanical noise the first one had but it does :frowning:

With nothing connected but the power cord and turned on the Sprout100 is making the loudest noise by far on my pc setup which is really annoying when listening to quiet music or commentaries.
[Edit: The noise comes from the Sprout itself]

When headphones are plugged in the noise changes into a mechanical buzz which is lower frequency but i don’t mind it that much since i then have my headphones on anyways.

I live in Germany so my Sprout has the European variant power supply just in case that matters.

Is there anybody else who shares my suffering?
It’s a shame because the Sprout really does everything i need and it looks nice …

There shouldn’t be any noise at all. Through both the speaker out and headphones, it should be virtually silent. Unless you have sub-human hearing, you shouldn’t hear anything other than music. 230V shouldn’t change anything. Did you purchase it from a dealer out there?

Its true that there is no normally audible background noise coming from the speakers or headphones but the device itself is making noise.

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Sorry, misunderstood. Regardless, shouldn’t be happening. Do you mind shooting me the serial number of the unit in an email?

Keep in touch with PSA, they’ll get you squared up. My Sprout100 is very silent (even using bluetooth). Friends Sprout are the same, silent until sound.