Noise through speakers

I just replaced my Stellar Gain Cell DAC with the BHK preamp. I’m using it with the Stellar s300 amplifier. I have stacked the preamp on the s300 and used iso spacers between them. I’m now getting a slight tapping noise through my speakers. I have space limitations so I need to stack. Any suggestions?

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That “tapping noise” you are hearing may in fact be one of the tubes. Is it coming out of both speakers or just one?

Both speakers

I would swap out both tubes tapping and popping can be attributed to some tubes.

You may get away with just pulling them out and re-seating them as we don’t know what kind of trip they had courtesy of FedEx. Would be odd for them both to be bad.

Thank you.

The BHK can be really sensitive to tubes as well. Several times I’ve found with a ‘new’ set of tubes, one channel will be very noisy. Simply swapping left/right resolves it and it’s repeatable with the set.

So don’t give up on a set until you try swapping them, of course this also reseats them but that’s not be the cause in my case.

You might try temporarily separating the two units to make sure they’re not interacting.

Oh boy. I experienced something similar 1-2 years ago and even started a thread on my experience. What you describe drove me nuts for months. After trying everything I could think of I discovered it was due to the cheap power supplies in some networking gear I had plugged into the same mains circuit I had my BHK Pre and other source gear plugged into. I disconnected that networking stuff … pulled the plug … and the weird tapping noise completely disappeared. I mean gone without a trace. I have no idea whether this is what your problem is - I can only share my experience. All my audio gear is plugged into a Furman line stabilizer and power conditioner and the crap being emitted back on the mains by that computer gear was so intense it wasn’t knocked out by my power conditioning.

Good luck tracking down that tapping noise.

When did the tapping noise start?
And when does it happen? Always? When using your remote?

Thanks. I will try checking the tubes and power connections. The tapping wasn’t noticed at first with my turntable but last night with the DAC it was constant.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful suggestions. I reseated the tubes and the annoying sound disappeared.
I appreciate all the help.

Thanks for keeping us posted Tom.