Non classical CDs with pretty good sound


Reasonable sound, reasonable dynamic range.

Keith Urban. GRAFFITI U
Fleetwood Mac. MYSTERY TO ME
The Watters. THE WATTERS.
Sly and the Family Stone. GREATEST HITS.


Check out this thread… What are your audiophile recordings for system evaluation and setup?

For me: it changes because I get sick of the same stuff, but here goes:
1 - For imaging - Chesky Ana Caram Rio After Dark. There is a rain forest tune… cant rember the name wow… best for imaging I have… there is a jingly prcussive instrument that actually moves in an arch above your speakers… hight… pretty rare in a recording (I hate her singing… barf… flat flat flat… Astrud was OK, after her… stop it will ya?)
2 - For imaging: Dave Brubek Time Further Out, Unsquare Dance… the percussive sticks are highly localized
3 - For general musicality: Bachman Turner Overdrive, Looking OUt for Number One - Guitar sounds like its on the forward pickup… nice.
4 - Imaging, Bass, Dynamics: Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter… Rock You Gently and Way Way Down Deep (wow bass)
5 - Overall: Opus 3 sampler… I have the individual discs on vinyl, the CD sampler is darn good. I know exactly how far to the left that acoustic guitar can go on Tiden Bara Gar.
6 - Casino Royal Casino Royale… guys, I played this again the other night… you really should seek this out. It really is a system tester… Harry Pearson is spot on about this recording.
On CD, there are a few versions, I have two… one is not so good, the other is fantastic.
Do not get the Kritzerland version.
Get: Varese Sarabrand version… wow.

Bruce in Philly


I am listening to Simon & Garfunkel … the box set “Old Friends” … holy crap there is detail in these recordings. On many, you can pick apart each and every instrument… really neat! I am listening with my Direct Stream (Snowmass), PrimaLuna integrated, and Focal Clear headphones… Geez… I think this is the best headphone setup I have ever heard in any stystem… amazing detail without brightness.

Another really good one is Sly and the Family Stone, The Essential… 2-disc set. The Anthology version is not that good for sound quality. Again, some of the tunes are really well recorded… Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)… wow.

Bruce in Philly


Have you Sly and Family Stone Greatest Hits?


No I haven’t … I had that on vinyl a long time ago… that disc is the one most people buy. The one I have that has good sound is “The Essential…” If the sound is good on the one you have, you will know it… Thank You tune is w-i-d-e and defined albeit a bit muffled. That sounds contradictory, but that is what I hear.

BTW, I pretty much always hated funk but Sly is a massive talent.

Bruce in Philly


Jackson Browne - TTC - I need JB on SACD… not BR, SACD and not compilations


Queen Greatest Hits - that band was amazing and I don’t mean SACD. Their greatest hits $15.00 CD is amazing.